GW2: Insert The Standard Launch Character Introductions Post Here

August 25, 2012

It’s inevitable, I’m writing a character intro post which must mean Guild Wars 2 headstart has kicked off and is live!

It’s also inevitable, that the very fact I’m not playing right now but am instead banging out this post means that we’re experiencing some hiccups at launch (it’s around 8am at the time of this writing). I just hope that most people will be patient and realize launch days are going to be full of unexpected downtimes like this. I was grateful that Arenanet decided to bring up the servers three hours early last night, allowing me to create my characters and sneak in some brief playtime which I otherwise thought I would not have, and for the most part my hour-to-two-hours played beautifully and without a single hitch. I even got the names I wanted, without having to give last names.

If you’d like to say hello, my ID is Caylinn.6459, my guild is Knights of Mercy, and the server is Fort Aspenwood. I think most people have committed to a home by now, but if you happen to be still looking or if in the future you’re looking to guest, ss my Asura would say, we’d be pleased and honored to play with you, bookah! Without further ado, let’s get on to the new additions of my MMO family.

Kilioe (pronounced Kee-lee-oh-eh) – Sylvari Guardian

Kilioe, or Embelia pacifica, is actually a plant native to Hawaii. Not only had I wanted a flora-related name for my Sylvari, as I looked upon my Guardian in the character creator I suddenly recalled this name from a college botany project and to me the the name just seemed to fit. The current plan is for her to be my main.

Moggsi – Asura Thief

I frequently go by the abbreviation MMOGC, which some people in the blogosphere/twittersphere have taken to pronouncing it “Mogsy.” While I admit to thinking it was the most unfortunate nickname at the time, since then it has grown on me. I “Asura’ed” it up a bit, doubling up the “G” and replacing the last letter with the more feminine “I” associated with female names in Asura culture (I’m such a lore nerd). You can’t really tell by her celebration hat and town clothes, but my Asura Thief is pretty much the splitting image of the one I made in beta.

Sooner or later, I’m sure their stories will take shape and develop. (One thing I do know though, is that my Asura will be getting a happy childhood and not the damaged past that some commenters seem so fond of bestowing upon their own Asuras 😉 )

One of these days I will also be making a Charr for our guild warband, a completely voluntary and fun project promoting camaraderie by KoM. Since the custom is to involve a common word in all our names (which as a guild we’ve chosen by popular vote as “Knight”), it’s going to take some idea brainstorming.


  1. Moggsi is the perfect name!

    • I was surprised it wasn’t taken, tbh, as there’s a good chance Mogsy or Mogsi might have been.

  2. Wow. I like your Sylvari. Very unique looking. I noticed that even in the Asura starter zone most everyone looks like an individual. Customization right out the gates is definitely one of GW2\’s strengths.

    Had a lot of fun last night getting nothing done. Also feel like I may have been fairly obnoxious /cringe I blame rum and blowing off steam from a long work week!

    Hope we get some quality playtime today!

    • I’d love to check out the Charr next, I didn’t really play that race at all in beta either. From what I saw, there’s a lot of really cool looking skin colors and fur patterns.

      I didn’t notice you being obnoxious. Pretty hard to tell really, as so many people were on chatting last night, it was quite the party!

    • I have this human character with a particular look I make in pretty much every game that has humans in it, as my default first character. And quite frankly GW2 is has done my head in, trying to get her down 🙂

      I had her pretty much perfect in SWTOR, and she looks quite good in TSW as well, and even in WoW way back when — under one of her alternate names — she was basically doable.

      But my poor, poor, Piohra, in GW2 I have failed you. Yes, I know you’re supposed to be 40ish and have some wear on you, but ‘not obviously a teenager’ was the best I could pull off, And I know you came by your grey hairs honestly, damnit, but that shade called ‘silver’, which I realise is a bit more on the platinum blonde end of the spectrum than you’d prefer was, what there was, And as for your lip gloss being an entire unsuitable color for your complexion…I’m blaming Arenanet.

      I’m so, so, sorry.

      • Everyone has been talking about how great the character creation/customization is in GW2, but you bring up an excellent point — there aren’t too many options for making an older character. Kind of a big oversight if you ask me, really, especially with the grey hair looking like platinum blonde (LOL!). So apparently there are no old or middle aged adventurers allowed in GW2? 😛

  3. The game tells me I’m yclept.6498. I have two characters so far, also on Fort Aspenwood (even tho’ I’m on the wrong continent for it):

    – Piohra Ghent, a Human Guardian
    – Sigrid Svendottir (generic scandinavian names ftw!) a Norn Necromancer.

    Piohra I’ve already described.

    Sigrid, well Sigrid, in a bout blatant costume wtfery of almost TERAlike proportions, Sigrid is current hanging out in the frozen wastes of the Icesteppes wearing what amounts to a belly dancers outfit, complete with harem pants and slippers, looking rather more pale than is healthy.

    You know, I’m beginning to suspect, that going non-human, may have been a very, VERY, wise decision on your part…

    • Really? I’m getting some grief (all in good fun, though) for being a Sylvari 😛 Yes, yes, yes, I went with being a plant elf! I like elves, okay?! 😀

      It’s hard to imagine costume wtfery as bad as TERA, lol. But I did see some borderline “are you kidding me?!” with some of the GW2 costumes, but luckily it doesn’t seem to be an issue with Asuras. The non-human races just seem more interesting to me in this game, but strangely enough, I like the human starting lands best!

      • The belly dancer’s outfit looks to be the first set of female clothy armor you make as Tailor, at least that what Sigrid ended up with when she crafted the pieces. Maybe her mistake was putting the stat enhancing doohickies into the recipes. Maybe I should have realised, that given she’s female Norn her ‘stats’ wouldn’t actualy need any, ahem, ‘enhancement’ *eyeroll* 🙂

        Fortunately, she’s now had some better drops, and is wearing some gear with a bit more coverage, although it’s still hardly appropriate for the winter weather.

        As for Piohra, well I just gave up on her as human, her not looking like herself at all was freaking me out. So I’ve also now embraced my inner plant elf too, and re-rolled her as Syvari, I can now say ‘yep, that’s her alright’ with confidence despite her translation into a plant lady, and futhermore her lip color actually goes and complements her Mahogany skin tone like it should.

      • Pics or it didn’t happen!

        Seriously though it’s fun to see what people come up with for character customization. I need to get good screenshots of mine

      • Heh heh, I thought I was one of the few people concerned about weather-appropriate clothing in games, but I guess not! It’s funny, speaking of, in TSW, I bought a tank top and short skirt just for questing in Egypt. Before I was wearing jeans and an Innsmouth Academy hoodie. That’s all fine and good for a chilly New England autumn, but not for adventuring under a hot desert sun. I’m going for realism if I can, dammit 😛

      • Pics 😛

        Sigrid – attired for belly dancing
        Sigrid – attired for morris dancing
        Piohra – Sylvari

      • LOL awesome. You weren’t kidding about the belly dancing get up.

      • Cool Stuff. Thanks for sharing your pics. I need to get some good ones.

  4. You probaby know this, but your readers may be interested in how Kilioe is pronounced. If it’s Hawaiian, every vowel is sounded: Kee-lee-oh-eh.

    • Good idea, I’m going to edit the post and add that. Since you brought it up and this is related, the alternate spelling of Kilioe I saw was kiliowe to reflect the proper pronunciation; it was to be my back up in the rare chance that Kilioe was taken.

  5. Finally got GW2 Downloaded and rolled on Fort Aspenwood. Send me a guild invite if and when you all are on for ardentdefender.9732

    • I let the other officers know! Hopefully someone catches ya!

      • Played most of all day yesterday so far got to lvl 12, kinda just trying to figure things out for the most part. Haven’t been able to get a Guild invite as yet.

      • Glad I caught you online last night for a guild invite!

  6. Is your guild still accepting new members? My main on Fort Aspenwood is Cael Forge. I’m still a lowbie, though.

    • We’re a casual guild, always always accepting new members. I’ll keep an eye out for your character the next time I’m on!

  7. Are you guys still playing Guild Wars 2? I’ve stopped playing sometime ago, but thought of picking it again! Any change since Halloween update?

    • I haven’t played GW2 in a while, but since it’s free I always have plans to go back and take my main up to level cap. 🙂

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