Back To Queensdale

September 6, 2012

I think I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that out of all the starting areas I experienced in Guild Wars 2, my favorite was Queensdale. Well, I’m very happy to be back there now, working my way through the map and enjoying its bucolic picturesque landscapes.

No, I haven’t started playing on an alt. In fact, I’ve pretty much lost all motivation for alting in this game, for two reasons — 1) because if I’m on an alt that means my husband isn’t around to be playing together on our mains, and I’ve discovered that unlike other MMOs, I just can’t seem to enjoy GW2 when I’m by my lonesome. And 2) that my alting time is usually limited to during the day when the in-game population is low, and as some of my friends on Twitter have already noticed and pointed out, it becomes nigh impossible to do some of the better and bigger group events when there aren’t enough people around.

So I’m actually back in Queensdale on my main, Kilioe the Sylvari Guardian. I admit I was first lured there by copper. I need tons and tons of it for crafting! Not to mention some lower level gems. I don’t usually craft when leveling up in an MMO (it’s not my favorite thing to do), but GW2 has been different — the experience you gain for doing it is significant enough that I actually feel compelled to. I’m so ambivalent towards this aspect in games that I don’t think I’ll ever decide to craft for crafting’s sake, but I have to say that GW2’s crafting has done more to appeal to me than any other game, even if crafting is still bleh and I and am being solely motivated by the experience gain alone! It’s something, right?

And that’s not all — I love that I can go back to lower level zones for whatever reason — gathering starter crafting materials, in this case — and still feel like I’m accomplishing something, because my level is adjusted and doing the hearts, dynamic events, farming gathering nodes, etc. all give me experience, plus I’m also working towards completing the map. What is that, like, two, three, four birds with one stone?

So that’s what I’ve been up to in GW2 lately. We’re into September now, when gaming life is starting to get a little crazy. While I’m usually terrible at juggling games, I have to say GW2 is working out very nicely as a casual and fun diversion, just as I’d intended. Having no subscription fee, I certainly don’t feel pressured to play it as much as I can, but at the same time I’m also playing more than I expected, despite not having that sense of that “urgency” tickling at the back of my mind.

Just the other day, in fact, I discovered I’m not going as slow as I thought I was. In a guild discussion about organizing runs for Ascalon Catacombs, I could have sworn my character was barely high enough, hovering in the high 20s. To my surprise and embarrassment, I logged in and discovered I was actually level 31! Methinks the scaling down of levels has been screwing with my mind.


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  2. My first thought of Queensdale after I came from the Asura starting area was “Damn it sure is… blue.” There’s blue everywhere! But yeah, after completing the Asura starting area, doing a few things in Brisbane (not sure if thats the name or not…), I wasn’t high enough level to continue on my personal story, so I took a diversion and went to Queensdale. Very pretty, and yeah, even for being a starting area, by the time I completed it I went from 21 to 27, 5 levels above where I needed to be to continue the story. Now, I *think* I’m still 27… but really… who knows… I may even be 29. Levels just flow so swiftly and, compared to other games, they don’t seem to be as important a stat.

    • Yeah, another reason we took the detour was that I could have used a level or two before I tackled the next step of my personal story. So that’s another thing I was accomplishing by heading back to Queensdale, and it’s not true grinding if you feel like you’re making good use of your time 🙂

  3. After planning not to play GW2, and then having you, my dear, talk me into it with your excellent blogging, I have to say that it has taken me in, hook, line, and sinker. And my highest character is only lvl 15. I am just taking my time, trying to do all the hearts, lookouts, skillups, and places on the maps. It’s a lot of fun. I think I have settled on my Ranger and my Engineer as the 2 characters that will get my focus. I’ll be playing a Charr with my Thursday night buddies as well, but only on Thursday nights.

    • LOL, it really wasn’t my intention to sell GW2 as a great game on this blog (though it truly is a great game), my philosophy has always been about blogging about my in-game experience. If I’m having a good time though, I guess that comes across in my writing 🙂 I’m glad it has led you to try out the game though, even more glad that you’re liking it!

  4. I must agree that Queensdale leaves a lasting impression. It seems to be the fallback when helping a new player get started. Though I haven’t been spending a great amount of time crafting, now that my tabs are overflowing into my regular inventory, I anticipate that I will be soon.

    • Yeah, I recommend people who are just starting out in GW2 to head to Queensdale as well, not only because it’s very straightforward (all of the starting areas are, really) but because it just has a nice and relaxed feel to the whole zone.

  5. It certainly is very pretty and picturesque visually. I certainly recognize that photo, and looks exactly like one i had taken while game was doing the vista scenic tour. I haven’t seen all the zones, but by this point i’ve certainly seem almost all of them except the Sylvari. I’d say my two favorite zones happen to be the Nordic one and Queensdale thats more appealing to me.

    I never played the Beta like everyone else or like most others did, so i’ve so far had to roll various characters and experience some part of the story to kinda try and feel/figure out which character and setting I kinda like the most before I kinda settle and focus on one character. For that I usually play each one at least to lvl 10 and kinda decide. I’ve rolled one of each race except the Sylvari. So far i’ve gotten 2 of 4 to at least lvl 10.

    After a few days playing it really strikes me how visually stunning a game GW2 really is with lots of little details in allot of the various architecture and landscape.

    • Yep, I believe I took that shot near where we were questing the other day when our group met up with you by the dam. After that we went around in a circle hitting up all the hearts, waypoints, and other points of interest on the way, and that vista was one of them. 😀

  6. I just love the artistic details they put in GW2. Like the windmill sails that resemble the multiple masts and sails of tall ships in your screencap.

    • I like that too, and lore-wise, it’s little touches like that which say a lot about the culture of the game world’s inhabitants.

  7. Queensdale is beautiful, enough so that I was surprised how much I enjoyed going back on the live server after getting sick of it during the beta weekends. My favorite so far though is Lornar’s Pass, but then I’m a sucker for mountains.

    • I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of Queensdale. I did all of the starting zones except Caledon Forest during beta (promptly rectified at launch with my Sylvari main) but I always return. I do like that place a lot, but now it’s also because I’m so used to and familiar with it that I know exactly what to do, and that makes getting through very easy.

  8. After playing through all the starting areas I can honestly say that people sell the sylvari zone and the norn zone short. Asura and charr areas are strangely laid out and I’m just realizing I have a lot to say about this so… yeah.

    Caledon is also good. Wayfarer foothills has some really good stuff as well.

    • I’ve spent most of my time so far in Wayfarer, because my main is a Norn. Love it, but then I love Nordic environments.

    • I’ve played through all the starting zones, and while the Sylvari and Norn areas are visually stunning, there is something to be said about the familiarity of Queensdale’s setting. At least for me, I feel very relaxed and carefree when I’m playing through that zone, probably because it’s so open and bright, and the grass is green and skies are blue. All that’s got a way of making one feel very happy.

      • It is definitely a very home-like feeling, isn’t it?

  9. My best friend online has disappeared into GW2; and he said something a lot like what you’ve said about how going back to lower level areas doesn’t make you feel like you’re slumming it. It really makes me want to try it out!

  10. I’ve got a Sylvari Necromancer and a Human Ranger going. I really like the environment of Caledon Forest over Queensdale, but I find Divinity’s Reach just a bit more impressive than The Grove. Both beautiful though. I still need to check out the other areas, but in due time – don’t want to create too many alts just yet.

    I kinda wish we still have the server-jumping like old GW. 😦 All of my friends are on different servers from each other. Do you know if you’re able to add people to your Contacts cross-server?

  11. I’ve been to all of the starting areas as well, and I have to agree that so far I enjoy Queensdale the most. I am feeling, however, that finding mining nodes is the closest I’ve come to feeling like I am grinding. I’m part of only 1 guild right now and it’s only got 4 members currently, but I am wondering if the guild banner that grants a +10%Gathering bonus will help that at all.

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