My Panda Day

September 26, 2012

Happy pandas

Weeks even before World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria was released, I was already thinking about what I should be focusing on when the expansion went live. Should I jump right into pet battles? Should I start on leveling my main to level 90? Or should I roll a Pandaren and play around with a monk? As it turned out, I was able to fit in a bit of everything on the first day.

First things first — Pet. Battle. Trainer. Oh no, it’s all over, folks! All over! Pet battling is even more fun and addicting than I’d imagined! Within an hour I’d managed to add 25+ new pets to my collection, raised four or five different pets to level 6, and beat up several NPC pet battlemasters in the human area. And how do I feel about completely destroying a little girl and her pet rabbits, you ask? Pretty damn good, actually!

Next, I hopped onto my druid main for a couple hours of questing with my husband, heading into the Jade Forest to start on our journey to level 90. It is freakin’ gorgeous. I am also enjoying the MoP quests; so far, they feel a lot more robust than Cataclysm’s, in all sorts of different ways, e.g. story, content, impact, visuals, humor etc. (Socks!!! NOOOOO, SOCKS!)

At the end of the day, the Mercy Gaming guild got together and started Team Panda. I made my female red panda (tail and all) and named her Meilee, which is a bastardized spelling of Chinese pinyin characters for “Pretty” in Mandarin. How any and all variations of that name weren’t taken yet, I can’t imagine.

Together, we quested through the Pandaren starting area, and I finally had to put symbol markers on myself and my guildies to tell them apart from all the other big, fat, black and white pandas running all over the place. It also didn’t help that we were all monks wearing the same quest reward gear. Mint green dots everywhere on the mini-map!

I had myself a great time. While I can’t speak for my friends, I suspect they did too. The zone was visually stunning, the quests were fun and relatively unique. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who might be rolling their own Pandaren one day, but suffice to say I was quite impressed. In the end we chose to join the Horde, and our modest little guild Red Solstice on the server Silvermoon is now up and running.

The nice thing is, after yesterday’s experiences I’ve decided I’m not going to concern myself too much with “focusing” on any one thing in-game anymore. I’m not in any rush, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with sampling a little bit of everything — in fact, I quite liked it.


  1. I haven’t had time yet to try out or play a monk though I know I’ll be playing one. Might try and make one a little later after wrk today on Silvermoon.

    I know the guild there was Equinox but did you all make a new Guild for Team Panda? Which faction are you all playing? Was that Horde?

    I’ve always played exclusively Horde and nothing but so I can only hope it’s a Horde Guild.

    Yeah I’ll say it again, Pet Battling is very Fun and good friendly PVP with other players pets in good fun. Think I battled about 4 different players and every time the person took the time to whisper me back that it was good fun had. Yeah I agree. And so far I think I picked up about 21 new pets winning pet battles.

    In Jade Forest and so far have made it midway from 85 to 86 on my Protect Paladin and not in any hurry to get to max level. Afterall not a single person in my guild other than myself was active on launch day. And not many been active in last month so even less pressure to really lvl up.

    Funny thing now leveling up I’m seeing Battle Pets in zone almost everywhere but at lvl 23. My Battle Pets trio are only at lvl 6 and have won over 50 battles so far.

    • No, not Team Panda…I think several of our members would have a heart attack and rage quit right there if our horde guild was named that! We went with Red Solstice to complement our alliance guild Equinox, because um…just plain Solstice was unfortunately taken 😦

  2. Also, Meilee is a homophone for how some people pronounce melee 😛

    • I was thinking just that when I read the name.

    • I always thought it was ‘may-lay’ 😀 I stand corrected.

      • I think “may-lay” is the correct (French) way to pronounce it, and there should be two ‘é’ letters in there instead of regular ‘e’s. But there are a lot of other (incorrect) ways that people pronounce it that have made their way into common usage, I feel 😛

      • Nice, thanks Paulman!

      • I pronounce it may-lay (the correct French way, as any self-respecting Canadian should — j/k!) 😉

        Anyway, it didn’t occur to me naming my panda Meilee would lead down this punny road, but thanks for making it seem like I did! Makes me appear more clever than I really am, LOL! 😀

  3. I actually decided to give this a shot!

    So, being a sneaky piggy, I just signed up for a trail account and used in on one of my WoW profiles (long story, but for some reason I have three customer profiles on the same B-Net account… it was Blizz account services being goofy..) so I’ve made a Panda shaman w/out needing to buy MOP. This means, I think that I can’t level beyond 20 and higher level content won’t be there for me, but I’ll be able to go wherever I want in the existing game world that everyone else is presently enjoying.

    So I made a female Panda Shaman named ‘Hsiaolin’. Yes, I named her ‘Shaolin’, I was being deliberately silly. Also I rolled on an RP server.

    If I find I like it, I’ll buy a time card and play through the WotLK content, which is as high as my old account goes to. If it somehow grows on me further, I may buy the other boxes, but as it stands this is pretty low-risk for a person that doesn’t agree with a lot of the newer Blizz decisions. 😀

    Have fun everyone!

    • Yep, pandas are now available even without having the expansion. Same as the other races, you don’t need the corresponding xpac to access them, I believe. But the class monk and level 85+ content is still locked unless you have MoP is what I heard.

      You can definitely get through levels 70-85 with ease now! I have a lot of characters languishing at level 80 because I never bothered to level them to 85 during Cataclysm, it just wasn’t an expansion I was that excited about. Anyway, I logged in my Warlock the other day and in just a few hours I got her to level 82. Definitely possible to play through the WotLK content and more just with a time card 😀

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