The Secret World: Monday Night Thrill-Seekers

October 9, 2012

Hrrmm, creepy black veins around my screen. What could go wrong?

From its launch, I’ve praised The Secret World as the most fun and interesting MMO I’ve played in years, and that I plan on sticking to it for a long time especially if they keep up with their monthly updates. I know there have been some hiccups along the way for Funcom, including some restructuring and staff layoffs, but against all odds they’ve managed to catch up and maintain their update schedule! What is this? How dare they keep their promises! Now where the hell am I going to find the time to play all this new content?! Unforgivable, I tell you…

Yeah, I’ll be the first to admit I’m no good at MMO juggling. Being able to concentrate on one game at a time appeals more to my personality, but I try and try anyway. Thanks to Guild Wars 2 and now World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, I’ve been shelving TSW to play again when things calm down a little, but it doesn’t help that every time I sit down and my computer and see a TSW article, some exciting news about upcoming updates, or even the game icon on my desktop, I get the urge to fire up the game. My addiction to it is still very much in my system.

What I really need is focus, and sometimes a schedule or a little bit of enforced structure does wonders. Which is why I’m so pleased that my multi-gaming guild has decided to put together “The Secret World Nights”.

These static weekly Monday night sessions began yesterday, when a handful of members from Knights of Mercy dove right back into the game and started kicking Egyptian cultist butt. Like all MMOs, the game is so much more fun when playing with other people — not to mention the difficulty level takes a jump once you leave the Solomon Islands and head into Egypt, so the extra manpower really helps. Not only were we able to support our fellow cabal-mates, the quests being repeatable also garnered everyone, even those who have completed them already, much needed AP and SP.

At the end of the night, the remaining brave souls, full of piss and vinegar, even tried to take on super-powerful mobs in a lair. These are a somewhat new feature in the game, which is probably why we were completely unprepared for the good old-fashioned thrashing we received. Originally designed for three players in endgame gear, lairs have been toned down so more casual players can also attempt them, but it was still painfully clear that we had wildly overestimated our own power. Silly us! This is TSW, after all.

KoM will be returning to TSW next Monday night, and every Monday thereafter, hopefully to polish off some of the new quests that have been added in the latest issues. It’s great, even if you’re not the grouping type but would still like the company. Personally, I love it because I know this is a great opportunity for me to keep up with the content.

Speaking of which, by the way, I still need to get my rocket launcher. Oh, and we all know the Halloween content is coming soon…


  1. I wanted to join in, but my local folks gaming night is Monday, and also I’m not yet in Egypt : /

    • Not being in Egypt wouldn’t be a problem, couple of us are actually in Transylvania but went back to help out. One person hadn’t even completed their story in Blue Mountain 😛

      The Monday night conflict though, hmm…If Mondays are a success, we may add another night if we get more people interested. There was talk about that possibility even last night.

  2. Yeah, I was thinking of trying to at least chat with folks as a reason to be online, but I’m in the same boat with Scopique.

    • The thing about not being in Egypt, or Monday conflicts? Don’t worry too much about where you are in terms of progress, we’ll always be willing to come back to help out if you need it.

      Right now, TSW nights are still an experiment. Some people came on late, others had to go a little early, but for the most part it was from around 9pm to 1am last night. We’ll see how it goes, and if people are interested we could definitely look into adding another night.

      • Egypt and Monday local gaming night. 🙂 Hubby doesn’t play with me so I have not gotten far at all!

  3. I had fun for the brief time I was able to get on. Being mistaken for an NPC was the highlight of my evening 🙂

    • LOL, I was like, WHY WON’T HE DIE?!?!? 😛

  4. I got the Memo now, be there next Monday Night if not also some point in-between as I try to juggle my 4 active MMO’s. Its tough to focus on more than 2 games at a time for me. Especially with all these game somewhat released within 3-4 months ofveach other.

    I haven’t gotten my Rocket Launcher yet either and the Chainsaw suppose to make it in I believe for Holloween. I can’t imagine any other MMO out right now topping Halloween event in TSW.

    • I’m like you, though I’m only juggling 3 MMOs and I’m barely managing that, I don’t know how you are able to handle 4.

      Well, hopefully we’ll be seeing you in game next Monday 😀

  5. O-M-G! That pic is priceless. Was it luck or did you see my character scratching his chin before snagging the shot?!!!! Must … have … pic. 😀

    • I think I was snapping a bunch at the time and then while I was doing it your character just happened to scratch your chin, so I quickly snapped another one because I do like the idle animations. Then I needed a screenie for this post and it was just perfect!

      Let me know if you want a full size version.

  6. I quit TSW though with great regret. It really is the best new MMO I have played in years. It was pretty deserted in my regular playing time, and it’s not as fun as a single-player game. Any night time play American time is out of the picture for me, and thus, my decision to cut the subscription and focus on WoW again. It’s a shame though. I wish I had the cash to support this game.

    • Yeah that’s a shame, we have an EU player who has the same problem, during her prime gaming hours we’re either all asleep or at work :\

  7. Classy… the guys are in designer suit outfit. Think the females need to go shopping for a bit better classy outfits.

    • Hey now, don’t you start with my outfit too 😛

  8. That sounds like a great time. I am so terrible at juggling games. If I have more than two vying for my attention, I tend to not play anything at all. Ugh.

    • Whenever I juggle games, one always seems to edge out ahead of the others when it comes to getting my attention. 😦 The other problem is the spousal leveling contract, even if I want to play another game, I have to make sure my husband is on board first 😛

  9. Yup, end of this month I am getting into the 3 (5?) day trial to see if this is something I want to play long-term.

    • Awesome, I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll think 🙂

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