The Pet Hunter Diaries: Special Events

October 15, 2012

Dear Diary,

New Acquisitions: 54
Current Total: 363

I have to say seasonal and special events are one of my favorite things about collecting vanity pets in World of Warcraft. Whether it’s midsummer sparks or flying cats in witches’ hats, many of them possess a unique flair and are often available only for a limited time each year and therefore you’ll want to put aside some time to obtain them. Speaking of which, Brewfest has just now come and gone, so I hope all my fellow collectors have grabbed their pink elephants and Wolpertingers if they hadn’t already gotten them in the previous years.

What do people do while waiting for the Wanderer’s Festival to start? Fish, of course!

I also want to mention that Mists of Pandaria has also added a new weekly event called the Wanderer’s Festival to their calendars. Every Sunday night from 9pm-11pm server time, lanterns appear in the water at Turtle Beach in the Krasarang Wilds, and special NPCs and Pandaren loremasters show up to set up bonfires, fireworks and a beer keg for all in attendance. I’d missed the festivities the last few weeks — in fact, I didn’t even know about them until I saw this blog post by Anexxia so I have her to thank for clueing me in.

So last night, a few minutes before midnight my time (I’m on a west coast server) I made the journey to Krasarang Wilds, flying along the strip of beach in order to find the right location. It wasn’t difficult to spot; many players were already there and waiting for the arrival of the wandering pilgrims. Aside from wanting to see the event for the first time, I had another reason for being there. If you guessed pet hunting, you’d be correct. A wild pet, called the Wanderer’s Festival Hatchling, is only available for capture during this event, and I wanted to bag one for myself before the night was out.

Speaking of special events, I feel I have to mention the Darkmoon Faire as well, since this past weekend also marked the end of the week-long carnival. I was able to purchase all the Darkmoon pets available from the vendor, thanks to the new account-wide pet journal feature consolidating pets on all your characters.

Otherwise, the safari continues. I’m still hunting in Cataclysm zones and sometimes in Pandaria, usually between questing sessions and while waiting for instance groups to pop. I’ve had little luck with obtaining some of the harder-to-find pets in Northrend, Outland, or Azeroth even though I’ve gone back on occasion to check for them, though I did do some “night hunts” and managed to add a couple nocturnal pets to my collection.

As usual, happy hunting and until next time,


Latest field notes and recently hunted pets:

Showcasing some of the more unique pets I’ve captured on my travels:

Wanderer’s Festival Hatchling

Wanderer’s Festival Hatchling is…a turtle! Around 9pm server and immediately after everyone got their achievement for witnessing opening ceremonies, these little guys began to pop up all along beach. I grabbed the first one I saw, battled it and caught it. Not sure if more respawn during the two hour event or how often they do, but when I came out of the fight they were ALL gone, snapped up by other pet battlers. My advice, get there early.

Darkmoon Zeppelin

I should hate this pet, I really should, considering how many times it has blown me up in quest Tonk Commander, but it’s just so cool! Flying mechanical pet! Other Darkmoon pets I obtained all at once include Darkmoon Cub, Darkmoon Tonk, Darkmoon Balloon and Darkmoon Turtle, because I already got the monkey. All I had to do was grind dailies every day on a bunch of characters until my eyes bled out. Can’t complain, otherwise at 90 tickets a pop it would have taken my main almost a year to get them all.

Flayer Youngling

One of those hard-to-find pets in Outland. They can only be found high in the strip of bramble forest between Terrokar and Hellfire Peninsula and they don’t seem to spawn very often. Every time I showed up there before there were none and someone was always camping. But one day, during one of my rare flyovers I happened to catch the lone sight of a single spawn! As a bonus, capturing this little guy also completed my Outland Safari achievement.

Restless Shadeling

Interesting pet, as it only spawns early morning in the Master’s Cellar below Karazhan. Ugh, remember that place? “Early morning” apparently means 12am server time. During late night gaming weekend (2am my time, because on my server Deadwind Pass seems to be on Mountain time), I showed up there just to see what would happen and at 12:01am on the dot, these guys just automagically appeared all over my mini-map. It was actually kind of anti-climatic. But again, other hunters started showing up and 2min later they were all gone.

Stone Armadillo

Easy one to get, just show up at night in Desolace and these little guys are literally crawling all over the place! Don’t know why I didn’t get this one earlier, just hardly ever find myself in Kalimdor especially at night. Very cute and actually looks like a hunk of rock. There should be no trouble finding one, though trying to catch uncommon or rare quality will probably be the bigger challenge.



  1. It;s been a week since I started, and I’ve snagged roughly 100 new pet breeds (almost twice that counting duplicates/upgrades). I’m definitely going to start slowing down from here, though, as I run out of low hanging fruit. According to Warcraft Pets I have every pet up to level 11, and am missing only the Onyxia whelp at 12.

    I already had the tank and the zepp, and both are mainstays in my roster. Having blue quality mechs is huge for fighting beasts, and there are a lot of beasts.

    One tidbit – the patch 5.1 PTR includes an item that upgrades pet quality as a reward for the daily quest bag. You get a random family specific stone, so it will take a while to get what you want, and I’m sure the green upgrade will be more common than blue, but this may still be less painful than than repeatedly farming the less common spawns – this may also make it easier to get the spawns, as people can capture one grey pet and boost it to rare rather than forfeiting the field clear of all the spawns for everyone in hopes that one will be a blue.

    So far I’ve been farming for green or blue for common spawns, but with the change I’m not bothering to chase more than one copy of the tougher catches. Also, it will be nice to review all my neglected quest/etc pets that only come in uncommon quality, once I can get their stats up to par with wild pets.

    • Yeah, one thing I found is that going around and hunting pets, all the battling I had to do leveled me steadily through each zone so that I barely had to “grind” at all. The trainers you fight also award you a hefty amount of XP, which also helped. Anyway, in the end I had to prune my pet journal and get rid of duplicates, otherwise it just got out of hand and became hard to track. Warcraftpets really is a lifesaver, isn’t it 😀

      And yeah, mechs are amazing since I find so many pets are beast class, having one definitely puts you at an advantage. I’ve been trying to level my clockwork gnome because of that now. I also have my Blizzard Bear because his beast abilities are strong against critters, and that seems to be another big pet class.

      Thanks for reminding me, I have to start doing those dailies again. They were bugged for the longest time, and I couldn’t get them after I finished it the first day, so I should check again. That pet quality upgrade reward sounds amazing! There are too many hard to find pets out there that I’ve only been able to get “poor” or “common”, and I don’t really feel up to going through that again just to find a rare.

      • The upgrade stones aren’t in til 5.1, so don’t farm now. 🙂 These will primarily be good for hard to catch wild pets, but also non-wild pets that aren’t green (e.g. many vendor pets).

        It seems like a default team should always include a mech and a beast because beasts and critters are so common (or sometimes an off-family that acts like the above). The crocs from fishing are good beast substitutes, the fossilized raptor is NOT b/c undead are weak to critter damage. Another fave is the sprite darter, who has magic attacks (good vs flyers) but is a dragonkin (strong vs flying damage).

  2. Been doing a bit of Pet Battling enough to get 1 to max level and other 2 to lvl 24. Pet Battles and leveling though is a massive time sink. I figured out a few things along the way though.

    Though there are 3 kinds of Pets Common, Uncommon, Rare, they are even more variation of pet stats within each kind of Battle Pet group. At most I’ve figured for every group there seem to be at least 3 variation of stats of pets within the groups. The result of this is that there are Rare Battle Pets with “different” stats. I didn’t stumble onto this until I was around lvl 20 or so Battling Cockroaches in Icecrown (Great pace to level around early 20’s).

    I was testing my wild theory of being able to tame lots of Rare Pets and so far being quite successful at being able to spot the Rare Pet in a fight. But i ended up catching 2 Rare Cockraoches in Icecrown back to back. As i looked at both of their stats they were different. I was assuming they would be the same but they weren’t. All 3 stats can vary on Battle Pets no matter the kind. Then i caught another Rare Cockroach for 3 Rare ones of the same type. Looking at all 3 they all had different stats. They seem to vary depending on the Pet.

    Since you can only catch 3 of a unique Pet type irregardless of level, once you get a Rare pet you can always get rid of the lower quality Battle Pet of the same kind especially the ones with Poor or Common types. Leaves room for the better quality ones you pick up later or at a higher level. Once i get a Rare pet, i immediately get rid of any Poor or Uncommon ones of the same kind. That helps to keep my Battle Pet collection well sorted and also avoid doing a random battle and cannot capture what seem like a good Battle Pet only to look and notice I already have 3 of same kind already or even at different levels.

  3. I wish I’d got my Wanderer Hatchling the first week, I didn’t even know about it! So I think half my server turned out for the one I attended. Still, I managed to grab a common, and the ceremony was very cool.

    The weather pets can be finicky. The Ape and Arctic Fox spawn all through their weather, but the Silithid only spawns at the beginning of a sandstorm and will quickly all be snapped up. I spent three days waiting for a storm on my server, ugh.

    As far as determining rarity, that’s going in with 5.1, but currently you can grab an addon. I use PetJournal, which not only shows rarity, but also whether you already own a pet or not — very handy when you’re inching into the 400s 🙂

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