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TSW Night: Using Our Heads

October 16, 2012

The Council of Venice, a watch-group formed to uphold the rules and ensure that all factions in The Secret World are keeping the peace. Also known as the guys that show up only after we’ve taken care of the mess.

So, another Monday night come and gone, which means another night of shenanigans in The Secret World. And as far as TSW Nights go, I have to say last night’s play session was a rather productive one. Admittedly, last week most of us were rusty and still struggling to remember how to play our characters, but this week we brought our game faces!

First things first; I can now scratch one biggie off my to-do list — “Obtain stolen rocket launcher from forces of evil.” It’s right there on the agenda between “Clean out rain gutters” and “Remember to buy Halloween candy.”

Fortunately, everyone last night was at least Faction Rank 6 or higher and were able to pick up the mission, and two groups were formed to brave the dangers ahead. It worked out well too, because how anyone could have done this quest chain solo at that level is beyond me. Poor Scopique and I were being torn apart by mercenary bullets until I poked my husband in the ribs and got him to switch to heals. Things got easier after that, though snipers trying to shoot at my face still posed an aggravating problem. Staying out of the light was the key, though I found running around like a chicken with its head cut off also kind of helped. In my humble opinion.

Oh, how I wish I had a picture of my character Laeyn and her brand-spanking new rocket launcher to post here right now, complete with an obligatory and ridiculous caption like “Say hello to my little friend!” perhaps, but sadly I don’t even possess the number of skill points required to equip it at the moment since I blew them all last session. I have to accrue 5 more SP, though if the rumors about an upcoming chainsaw auxiliary weapon are true, I may save them for that. After all, when it comes to dealing the zombies, I like to get up close and personal, and chainsaws are much more hands-on, don’t you think?

Afterwards, the remaining Knights of Mercy headed back to Kingsmouth town to see the Reverend Henry Hawthorn in order to pick up “Digging Deeper”, the eponymous investigation quest from Issue 2.

If you play TSW and haven’t done that one yet, do make the time! Major Indiana Jones vibes pouring off this one. It’s probably the most fun I’ve ever had doing an investigation mission, though it probably helped that the format of it was perfect for a group. They say two heads are better than one, so five heads we should be golden, right? Well, for the most part I’d say that’s true, though lucky for those heads none of the puzzles were as unforgiving as the first room in The Last Crusade. The worst we had to contend with for screwing up was a jet of poison, once again sending us all into a flailing panic. I have to say, running around like chickens with their head cut off didn’t work quite so well that time.

Only the penitent man will pass.

Yes, there were mistakes aplenty and a lot of spinning our wheels, but this made for lots of laughs along the way and most importantly, in the end the group effort paid off. When I first heard about TSW nights, this was pretty much what I pictured: people getting together and pooling their knowledge, adding different viewpoints to the problem and brainstorming solutions. Thank goodness someone else was familiar with music theory, for instance; all that knowledge has sadly left me since high school, when studies halted my flute and piano lessons.

All in all, I was amazed at how well things went, with everyone pitching in with suggestions and ideas which ultimately got us through. To me, the kind of quests that make you think and research are definitely one of TSW’s best features. One thing’s for sure — when Funcom gets around to putting in those group investigation quests they have planned, I am so there.