November 20, 2012

Monday’s The Secret World night was productive. And that is all I have to say about that.

Edit: Bah, looks like Syp beat me to it. But I think I look more stylish. I’m standing on a Mini Cooper wearing a top hat, for God’s sake.


  1. […] because I don’t feel the need to make a spectacle of myself because I’m so starved for […]

  2. That is an awesome screenshot 🙂

  3. Syp may have beaten you to the post, but that *is* an aweseome shot.


  4. Thank you, thank you guys, and you know Syp’s just jealous because I make that shirt look gooooooood.

  5. Stylish Outfit and great pick. Be careful with that chainsaw!

  6. Dashing and Rakish, all at once!

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