Art Post: White Knight

December 6, 2012

I mentioned November was a busy time for art commissions, so I just wanted to take a moment and share here one of the projects I had worked on since the recipient also happens to be a fellow gamer/blog buddy of mine.

Rer, whom some of you might know from multiplaying.net, first approached me with an idea of a pencils-on-art-board drawing as a gift for his girlfriend, which I was happy to accommodate. So much of the envisioned concept involved symbolism in this piece, and I must say I had some fun with the challenge of working those ideas in along with everything else requested in the detailed specifications he provided me.

White Knight

White Knight – pre-cleanup

Special thanks to Rer for giving me permission to post this; I don’t often get the go-ahead to pimp my commissioned stuff. And of course, he was also a pleasure to work with.


  1. Nice. Very nice. It reminds me vaguely of the WoW comics, with a bit of Marvel thrown in. It’s very cool to keep it at the pencil stage, too. 🙂

    • YAY ARTS

    • Thanks! I like to think I was influenced by many of those artists 🙂

      And I too prefer keeping it to the pencil stage; whenever I’m at comic conventions I like to look through the folders of just the raw pencils. I’m arse at inking anyway, and this way it also encourages me to keep my lines clean. 😛

  2. Amazing. One day I’d LOVE to own a piece of your work! I think you’re incredibly talented.

  3. Agree with all the others. I’m envious of your talent.

  4. wow; thats incredible!

  5. Love it 🙂

  6. Thanks all! 🙂

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