The Secret World: Sub Gone, Join Usssssss

December 12, 2012

On 12/12/12 12:12 Norway time, Funcom officially did it — flipped the switch on The Secret World making it subscription-free, or in other words buy-to-play. If you were one of the lucky ones who picked up the game a few weeks ago during one of the many crazy video game sales, I’d be feeling pretty damn swell right now.

Those familiar with the game probably already know that everything had been set up for this from the get go, but leave it to TSW developers to tie the whole thing to the end of the world. As for me, it’s pretty much going to be business as usual. I’m already playing at least once a week, so I’m keeping my sub for the perks: an item which doubles XP for one hour each day, a membership gift, and — here’s the biggie — discounts and bonus points to spend each month in the Item Store.

Assuming I don’t need to be shelling out every month for a game update, can you say, new outfits, outfits, OUTFITS, OUTFITS, OUTFITS?!?! That’s right, bring it on, Syp! We all know last week’s post about fashion show competitions was directed at me.

Speaking of which, I guess now is also the perfect time for me to once again plug our guild’s weekly Monday TSW nights. Depending on who shows up and what needs to be done, on a typical session we help each other through quests, dungeons, and if we have time, watch my character Laeyn dance Gangnam style in her underwear at the Albion Theater:


Seriously though, if you haven’t had a chance to try this truly amazing and creative MMO, you now have little excuse not to. Given its genre and unique mechanics, I can’t promise the game will be everyone’s cup of tea, but Knights of Mercy will absolutely be happy to welcome any returning or new players on board. I assure you, we loooooove fresh blood!



  1. I had yet to bite on this game during the various sales, since I didn’t know when I was going to have time to fit in into my schedule. The good news for gamers – and perhaps the bad news for all the buy to play games out there – is that prices will only go down given time and patience.

    • I felt like that all through Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend. But…I bit on all the video game sales. I’m just going to have to contend with my ever growing pile of games to play.

      • Case in point: Amazon is offering the download version of TSW for $15 this weekend. On the fence because I have no plans for time with which to play it, but given that the first DLC is free for people who buy this month I may take that deal.

      • Yeah, I retweeted about the sale, hopefully people there and on here who are interested in picking up TSW see the deal!

  2. I hope it turns out well for Funcom and TSW. I’ve been happily paying my Sub since I bought the game since Launch. And though I haven’t played much since around September, i’ve still been happily paying my Sub all this time monthly. Why I haven’t played has nothing to do with TSW. I’m just a focus gamer and i find it hard to juggle playing more than 1 MMO at a time with 2 being my Max. Even GW2 I haven’t even played since around October.

    I’ve come to realize that what MMO games I play personally and choose to play has absolutely nothing to do with how much it cost or whether it has a subscription or not. For me personally the only thing that dictate whether I pay for a game or sub is whether I find the game interesting and can it hold my attention in some unique way.

    In the end TSW to me is not about whether it has a sub or no sub or P2P or whatever. I just believe its like this… you either dig the game or you just don’t dig it and if you don’t dig it you likely aren’t gonna make it pass Kingsmouth. Which is disheartening because the game is really good beyond Kingsmouth which don’t really have any more Zombies either.

    • Very true, I’ve always said TSW isn’t a game for everyone, and it really comes down to a matter of taste. I personally feel that it’s one of the most unique MMOs I’ve ever played, even despite the steep learning curve and mechanics that won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Anyway, if you are ever around Monday nights, feel free to join us!

  3. I saw this yesterday. 🙂 It was then quickly put on the Christmas Wishlist. If not, i’ll look at getting it after Christmas.

    • Yeah keep an eye out for deals! There’s also always the free trial (hmm, actually since the B2P announcement I’m not sure if that’s changed, but it would be a three day thing) to check out before buying.

      • The supernatural and modern setting of it appeal to me a lot – don’t know how well I’ll do with the horror/creepy bits though. I’m a wuss like that. My husband would really like it though – he loves horror, especially zombies.

  4. YESSSS!!!

    I’m glad that they’re essentially going B2P, like the GW2 model. Honestly that makes a lot more sense to me. I can afford maybe 2 subs a month, but I’m a multi-game kind of person and I *hate* feeling like I’m missing out.

    So now I don’t have to, all I have to do is pony up $60 and I can go check it out. 😀

    • I’m sure you can get it for much less now (just checked, it’s $30 on Amazon, for example) and there have been many sales on it so it could only get cheaper. Now that it’s B2P I think that’s a pretty sweet deal too 😀

      • Even better! Thanks for the intel GeeCee!

      • Actually, 15 dollars today for digital dl! Even better! Hope you’ll catch that deal!

  5. I had been waiting to pick up Secret World for a while, with Amazon selling the game for only fifteen bucks I figured now is as good of time as any! Which server, or does that matter, I don’t remember.

    • Awesome 🙂 Servers don’t really matter if you’re just planning on PvEing, but if it helps, pretty much everyone I know is on Arcadia 🙂

      • Arcadia, got it. I am leaning towards Templar cause they seem to have the nice fancy uniforms.

      • Can’t go wrong with Templar 😉

        Most of the people I play with have Templar mains. Generally, faction doesn’t matter, you can still group and play with other factions, BUT you can’t join a cabal unless you are of the same faction.

  6. Saw you post in another blog asking about KoA.Keep an eye on Amazon in the next week. It is scheduled for a sale – $12ish. Cant recall the exact date, sorry.

  7. Hmm might actually have to try this now

    • Awesome, remember if you do, Templars on Arcadia 😀

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