My Top 5 Gaming Highlights Of 2012

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! Here’s my first post of 2013, whose title I confess should really be “My Top 5 Gaming Highlights of 2012…And Then Some” because while 2012 was indeed a great year for games and gamers, admittedly I found myself struggling to come up with pure gaming-related entries for this list. It’s not that I haven’t been impressed with the industry’s offerings this year so much as I find myself with less gaming experiences to draw from, because the truth is I played less games these past twelve months than I have in recent years. Time has been so tight, there are so many games on my to-play list that I never even got a chance to go out and buy, let alone play. I can’t say that I’ve ever been so behind before.

Then again, so much has also changed in my life in 2012! Let’s take a look back at the memories:

5. Pet Battles and the Return of the Dynamic Duo


World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria released on September 25th. I won’t go as far as to say it’s my favorite expansion so far, though I’m aware it is for many. Nevertheless, I’m still playing it more than three months later, which is already more than what I could say for its predecessor Cataclysm.

I will say that the new expansion has provided me more reasons to stick around, even after hitting the new level cap. For one, the companion pet battling and collecting system has me hooked — 431 pets to my name so far, and I’m still hunting, always hunting. Also, the mister and I have both taken a break from the endgame grind to work on a couple of Pandaren Monks. More than anything, I love playing MMOs with my husband. Leveling characters has always been our special way to bond, and nothing brings us closer than facerolling our enemies together with our Spinning Crane Kicks.

4. 122 Books


I’ve always been one to go looking for challenges, which I have to say sometimes leads me to give myself some pretty random dumb goals.

As with most random dumb goals, I didn’t really have a reason for it, but a few years ago I just decided one day that I wanted to read 100 novels in a year.  I attempted several times, coming so close in 2011 at 83 books, and being pathetic I went and retroactively lowered my Goodreads challenge that year to 80 just so I could get the achievement badge. Well, no need to fudge the numbers for 2012; I kicked the challenge’s ass with a total of 122 novels and so you can even say I read enough to make up for last year.

Interestingly, the more I read the lower my average rating for books seem to get. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting more critical, or that more books under my belt just simply equals more mediocre ratings.

3. Mercy Gaming

Mercy Gaming

2012 was a rather turbulent year for Star Wars: The Old Republic to say the least, and neither has it really been smooth sailing for a lot of us who kept our subscriptions going until free-to-play. I think the most gut-wrenching part of it all the worrying I did about whether my Republic and Empire guilds will fall apart. After all, I got to meet and play with an amazing group of players, and I’ll always have SWTOR to thank for that.

I needn’t have stressed myself. The Republic Mercy Corps and Imperial Mercenary Corps may be shadows of what they once were in the game, but many of our members have kept in touch. Rebranded Mercy Gaming, the guild lives on, becoming a multi-gaming community that continues to adventure together in games like Guild Wars 2, Borderlands 2, The Secret World, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, PlanetSide 2, and many many more. It’s always a party with these folks, who have all become my very good friends.

2. The Secret World


Never have I ever played an MMO like TSW. The only other game that even came close to capturing my heart and blowing my mind this year was of course Guild Wars 2, but even that gets edged out, albeit just barely. For one thing, while my playtime in GW2 has tapered off until I can find more time in my schedule, I am still playing TSW regularly each week because I just can’t seem to get enough of this game! I suppose it does have a certain je ne sais quoi that made it stand out to me above the rest, and it’s not just the unique genre or playstyle.

For one, I like that it came out of nowhere and surprised me (in a good way). In fact, months after its release it’s still regularly doing that. While it’s far from perfect and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, it does sometimes feel like with every issue update and TSW Monday, I fall hopelessly in love with this game all over again.

1. “Baby Mogsy”


Welcoming our first child in February 2012 definitely made me and my husband a lot busier. While taking care of a baby has left me not as free to do a lot of my hobbies anymore, I’m loving motherhood and I cherish every single moment I spend with my little girl, even though she’s probably the biggest reason why my time spent gaming has dropped so dramatically in 2012! But you know what? I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Even from the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew I’d gladly give up anything for her.

Our daughter has changed our lives, bringing us such joy and making us feel blessed each and every day. At 10 months old now, every moment with her is like an adventure. She is just full of surprises, and I don’t want to miss a single one!


  1. Yeah in all of 2012 I only played 5 games which I wrote about those as well.

    That kid is growing up fast! Better soon start your college fund!

    Played WoW for about 2 months, probably a little more than Cataclysm. My main guild was pretty much inactive overall or at least it was then when I played. It was allot more fun than Cataclysm for me and enjoyed it while it lasted. Got the Monk to 22 or something like that but few were playing in the Horde guild for KoM at the time. But after getting to 90 on my main though slowly and deciding to skip anything endgame not much left but Pet Battling and leveling alts for me. After a while it became oh so obvious it was a grind repeating stuff i just did leveling up my main which felt like yesterday and it wasn’t going to last. It didn’t. So I retired again from the game till who knows.

    Playing with Mercy in 2012 was a highlight as well though mostly in TSW and GW2. TSW became my keeper game out of 2012, though i’ll still play GW2 on and off. TSW wasn’t the most polished of games or at launch. But TSW was the kind of innovative game I’ve been searching and hoping we see more of from game publishers though not necessarily of quite the same mold, but innovative as a whole. After years and years of playing MMO’s and online game, i’m in the camp of those who are just sick and tired of the same types of games getting made over and over with very little innovation to push MMO gaming forward. As well the fun factor playing TSW goes way up playing with a good solid group of friends and bloggers and more. So to KoM as a multi-gaming guild and having a good time Cheers!

    Certainly reading here was one of my highlights of the year that made it enjoyable, keeping up with games, playing games and reading about other fellow players and bloggers playing the games they love as well. We may never all play or appreciate all the very same games to the same degree. But because we do, we get to learn about other games we don’t always play and the experience of others playing them which in the end enhance our understanding of some those games. Hell we may decide to even go back and try some those games out for fun.

    • My husband and I pretty much rerolled our monks and made them Alliance, since the KoM monk group wasn’t active anymore and we had more resources on the Ally side. I also did some heroics and raiding once I hit 90 on my main, but then the dailies and points grinding turned me off and like you I focused more on leveling alts and collecting/battling pets. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be playing WoW, but this is where my playtime starts declining.

      And I agree, TSW wasn’t perfect and had its fair share of bugs, but it’s probably the biggest departure from the run of the mill MMOs we’ve been seeing for so many years. Like I said, I’m still playing even if it’s just a few hours a week, because it’s a very special game to me. Hope we’ll get to play in TSW again soon, you’re always welcome to join us on the Monday nights!

      • Actually been playing TSW a bit so far this week so get my finger memory back playing the game again more. First thing was I decided to go shopping and greatly expand my wardrobe and become a agent with a bit more style. Think i dropped like 2.5 Million cash in the Pang London Store. Decided that was enough damage to almost make me broke and went on my way after.

        But hey it was fun updating the cloth so can at least look fashionable for the group meetup whenever next. But playing a bit so as to get some the missions done to get some AP/SP to collect the new weapons have yet to actually finish. Seem so many new missions are around that haven’t now done since all the new mission updates. So its more back on my schedule for Monday Nights.

  2. Interesting blog on gaming experiences, thanks for sharing.

  3. that is a crazy amount of books you read! crazy-good lol

    cute daughter 😀

    • Looking at the list of books sometimes I can hardly believe it myself. Doubt I’ll read so much this year though, but then I plan on tackling some of the bigger fantasy tomes and more classics.

      And thanks, I do love that picture of her. Pure happiness. 😀

  4. I would have to say that is a great number 1!!!

  5. Life always unveils its most important facets, and everything else shifts to the side, accordingly. In this case, It is very cool that your distraction happens to be a little ball of energy. Your little girl is learning as much from you as you are from her, and the the learning is constant. I’m glad you are enjoying this time thoroughly; it passes by in a blur.

    Happy New Year, MMOGC and Family.

    • Happy new year to you too, Jaramukhti! I hope you had a great time over the holiday season, and that everything is good with you 🙂

  6. Wow, that’s a lot of books! Congrats on hitting your goal.

    I’ve no idea what you and the Mr’s plans are but if you think one cuts into your gaming time just wait until you have a second one. X)

  7. I bought the novel based on DDO and I could not even get through that one- you inspire me to read a heck of a lot more in 2013.

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