DAW: Funcom

March 28, 2013
shout out

Shout-out to Funcom

Outstanding. Apparently, my blog’s revival has serendipitously coincided with DAW, or Developer Appreciation Week. This is good, because I would have been loath to miss out on this tradition. Let’s all take part in sharing the love! Originally the brainchild of Scarybooster, DAW is a chance for gamers and bloggers everywhere to show our appreciation for developers, and thank them for their hard work in bringing us the games we enjoy.

Anyway, there are so many devs that deserve a pat on the back, but this year I would like to dedicate my DAW post to Funcom and the team who brings us The Secret World (and I’m not the only one).

TSW enchanted me from the outset to become the biggest and most pleasant gaming surprise for me in 2012. To be honest, I didn’t know what I was expecting at first, but it certainly wasn’t something I anticipated playing past the first 30 days. I think I bought the game out of curiosity more than anything. It was meant to be an MMO to dabble away in for a while, a summer distraction and not much more.

Fast forward almost nine months later, and I am still playing. More importantly, I am still having a blast.

Of course, Funcom has had its struggles and TSW has not been free of issues, but I’d like to think I know a gem when I see one. The guild I am in has even set up weekly sessions to play TSW together, and I have to say that week after week it still never fails to entertain me, to shock me, to make me shake my head and say to myself, “Damn, this game is bloody brilliant.”

So, to the good folks working on TSW, keep up the good work. You have in me a loyal subscriber who does not at all mind her money going to support the likes of creepy Innsmouth Academy occult headmasters or rifle-dancing Marya. Thank you for your ingenuity, for having the guts to push the envelope, and for making one hell of a unique MMO.

Good times:


darkness war

Hell Fallen

cat god





  1. I just got into TSW as part of a sale that Funcom had during January and so far I’ve been really impressed. I like the fluidity of the class-less builds and the awesome variation of costuming.

    The scenes are incredibly atmospheric and I like it so much I’ve recommended it to my friends and have been playing with them. I am a pretty critical Gamer, so usually I won’t recommend a friend buys a game unless it’s something I feel I can totally stand behind.

    Additionally the game’s B2P conversion is, from what I can tell, quite smooth and its monetization is unobtrusive. This isn’t SW:TOR here where they make sure you know you’re being penalized at every turn. Rather you buy the box, get some store coin with it, and have a wonderful time!

    I run characters Nyssa and Nyddia, in the RP server Arcadia. look me up! (if you can’t find me just send me a tell to my twitter)

    • I agree, TSW is incredibly atmospheric; it was one of the things I noticed right away and that they do very well.

      B2P has thankfully been a smooth transition, because as I understand it they had anticipated it would happen, so when the time came all they really had to do was flip a switch. SWTOR on the other hand came out thinking they would be on a subscription plan for a long time, I think. I doubt they even considered the possibility of the game going F2P and so soon, and so that switch was…awkward…to say the least LOL.

      I shall add your names to my friends list the next time I’m on! My character is Laeyn 🙂

  2. Thumbs up to TSW and monday night TSW band of adventuring misfits!

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