TSW: Plundering The Ankh

April 2, 2013


The Ankh is The Secret World’s fourth instance, located in The Scorched Desert. Deep beneath the sands, Orochi agents have discovered an ancient and subterranean Egyptian temple. Of course, it’s also damp, dark, spooky and completely infested with the Filth. As if any of us needed more proof that everything the Orochi Group touches inevitably turns into a giant cock-up.

Last night, a group of brave adventurers from the Knights of Mercy took it upon themselves to investigate the dig site during this week’s session of TSW Monday. First off, I want to say that there is no such thing as a bad instance in TSW…just that some are better than others.

I can’t say The Ankh is one of my favorites. Visually, it’s not as stunning as the others, and the bosses aren’t as memorable. And like I said, it’s full of Filth. I mean, it’s tentacle-ly and disgusting. Pretty sure as well that having been pummeled to death in that dungeon way too many times to count have not warmed me towards it. But someone’s gotta take care of the dirty work, right? And sometimes even dirty work can be fun when you’re doing it with friends.

Also, as any self-respecting TSW player will tell you, it’s of the utmost important to dress the part no matter what you do. The Filth of the Ankh learned last night that two can play at the tentacle game. So, there.




  1. So happy to have you back in the blogging circuit GeeCee!

    Nice hat too, very fancy.

    I only just worked my way out of Kingsmouth… only to find that most mobs completely murder me in the Savage Coast. So I’m still very much in training wheels.

    If you don’t mind, my character’s nick is Nyddia, if you ever see me on, please add me, I could use someone to talk at and pester!

    • I will, and if you ever see me on, feel free to do the same. My character name is Laeyn, and TSW Monday nights typically run from 9:30pm to midnight US eastern time. I’m on sometimes during the week, too, but that is the one consistent time you will find me in game each week šŸ˜€

      What faction are you? By any chance do you need a cabal?

      • My main is a Dragon and my respective alts are Templar and Illuminati, in that order.

        I am unguil…er, uncabaled… cabal-less? Cabal-lite?

        Whatever, yeah, I’d like to be in one, that would make the world a little less empty, I think!

        I like playing ranged damage/support roles, and TSW seems pretty fluid in enabling that, so I’ve been having a lot of fun playing in small PVE teams, but like I said, total newb here. XD

  2. I think that’s me in the background to the left lol.

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