Our TSW Family Is Growing

April 9, 2013


Another month, another deposit of bonus Funcom points in my account when I logged in to The Secret World last night. I used them to buy the outfit shown above, the new Gladiatrix armor, so I can finally look like a tank (and so my guildies can’t claim that I only do all my tanking in skimpy clothes, at least until the next time I decided to buy a new mini-skirt).

There appears to be an increase of interest in the game lately, and as always it gets me giddy to see TSW getting attention because there really is no other MMO out there right now quite like it. Our Monday night TSW sessions continue to thrive as we get new people joining us some nights and current members experimenting with new decks and roles. We’re a pretty casual group, mostly splitting up individually or in groups while hanging out in cabal chat or teamspeak.

Anyway, in light of this I thought I’d plug our guild some more as well as provide some info to common questions I often see about TSW. Yep, it’s buy-to-play now, which means you pay for the game and play for free, and these days you can often find it at retail on sale or for pretty dirt cheap. As far as I know, it also comes with a month in which they treat you as a full subscriber and you get the perks like the XP booster drink and free in-game gift.

My character’s name is Tamerlaine “Laeyn” Berard; your nickname in the middle is what everyone in the game goes by. Feel free to add me to your friends lists or ask me any questions. The Mercy Gaming Knights TSW branch are the Knight of Mercy. We’re Templar guild, though your faction only matters for cabals and cabal features; when in game, members of the Illuminati, Dragons or Templars can group together to do quests or instances no problem. Aside from the intro as well as your faction quests, everyone pretty much experiences the same content, though each faction has its own unique flavor and you’ll see differences in things like quest completion text, etc.

Server also doesn’t really matter unless you want to PvP with others on your home realm. No matter where you end up you can still play with anyone in this game, though most of KoM are on Arcadia, the RP server. So you see while it’s not completely restriction-free, I still think the degree of flexibility is one of the best things about the game.

A lot of people have said that TSW has a rather steep learning curve, and this is probably true especially towards the beginning. I remember it took me a couple hours to really get into it. The good news is, once you get the mechanics down, the the drive to create and experiment with new ability decks gets pretty addictive. Still, the game being so niche, some never really get into it or are turned off by the horror themes, which is totally understandable too. Even now I still frequently run across features that make me want to tear my hair out, and personally there are certain quests I really wish I hadn’t done at night. In the dark. All by myself.


  1. It is a fun game once you get the hang of it. And I think it fits the buy to play model well. I didn’t think it was worth a subscription, given how I play it, especially with the learning curve. Now that I get it, I’ll play more and spend more.

    STO had a similar complexity. Lots of ways to upgrade your character, your officers, your ship, etc. Intimidating at first, but once you get it, the possibilities keep it interesting for a long time.

    • I’m glad you got to do Polaris last night 🙂 And I have to agree with what you said about the subscription, TSW going buy-to-play puts less pressure on new players trying out the game, which can be quite intimidating with all the stuff you have to get used to! STO is absolutely the same way with its different space combat gameplay and officer system. I’m sure if I went back to the game now I would have no idea what’s going on, having forgotten so much and given all of STO’s changes. Going free has also done wonders for that game.

    • I was glad to see in-game, as well. Hope you had fun.

  2. I’ve friended you! Now, how do I go about joining you Cabal? does it have its own website that I need to apply at?

    I’d have checked last night, but i was binging on FireFall. ;P

    • If you’re a Templar, see if I’m online: “Dortmunder” “LoneStarBelle” or “Poppyshock” I can invite you to the guild through Dortmunder.

      • Dragon 😦

        But I have a Templar alt. I know making alts doesn’t make much sense in TSW, but I’m really in love w/ the process of creating new characters and backstories. ;P Nyssa is my Templar.

      • Wait, Nyssa sounds familiar. It’s hard to keep track of who everyone is. (I know I’m not much help in that department either.)

      • Actually I misremembered that. It’s actually Nyssy. I tried for the other spelling, but it wasn’t available, but stuck in my head anyhow. XD

      • Oops, then I probably added some random stranger. I’ll be sure to update my friends list tonight 😛

    • I friended you last night too, your main who I believe is a Dragon. I know you have alts too, but I don’t think I have their names.

      No special procedure for joining the cabal, we’re a very relaxed group and TSW Mondays are casual, we generally invite to the Knights of Mercy through friends and referrals. Just message myself (Laeyn) or Dortmunder as Rowan above has said, he’ll probably be online more during the week than I am!

      • Nyssa is my Templar. I’ll jump on tonight and send out the friend thing to you and Dortmunder. I understand it may not be till Monday that I receive any kind of reply and I’m cool with that. <-casual player

        Plus Defiance is the new hotness for a lot of people so I understand that as well. 😀

      • I’ll try to check into TSW some nights this week, so see if I can catch ya. I’ll have Nyssa added to my contacts ASAP 😀

      • I goofed, My Templar’s name is actually “Nyssy”. I remembered the other name because that’s what I originally wanted, but had to keep on trying similar letter combinations till I found one that wasn’t taken already. I was lucky enough with my Dragon’s name. XD

        So anyhoo, My Templar Nyssy is now rank 3 and working her way through the gentler parts of the Savage Coast. I’m working on the Executioner deck, so lots of AoE, cone attacks buffs and heals. I get a little too cocky now and again and pull too much, resulting in a corpse walk, but melee feels very satisfying in this game, it seems to be one of the few MMOs I’ve played where it really feels right!

  3. Heh, you need a traditional gladius with that outfit, not that hellish blade. I know they drop in-game.

    • Too bad when you change the look of a weapon, the original mold is destroyed (afaik). I would change my sword’s appearance again, if only I had another hell sword on hand so I could change it back 😦

      • Yeah, Just get another sword and mold it, right? 🙂 So you’ll have two.

      • True, the original mold is destroyed. But that’s not that much of an issue, as your weapon doesn’t have the rare “Nightmare only” visual. Recovering your old mold would just require you to run the dungeon again one or another time. The sword doesn’t drop that rarely, as far as i remember, either.

        In case of need of some Elite touring outside of your monday group, feel free to contact me, the character name is Slad. Our cabal (the Mad Science Department) runs tours on normal and elite difficulty with our aspiring members several evenings a week, and freeing a DPS spot for a visitor usually is no problem. 🙂
        {Tank and healer spots are usually taken, those spots either are used by members who want to learn this role, or are filled by our NM geared members. }

      • Oooh, but you don’t know my luck. It’s terrible, LOL! I’m truly afraid if I destroy that sword I will never see it drop again. I have done most of the normal mode dungeons at least half a dozen to a dozen times each and I must have only seen 2 swords drop! But of course there are always tons of shotguns and fist weapons 😛

      • Oh no, don’t mold the infernal sword. I meant see if you can acquire either a gladius with appropriate stats or a gladius to mold another sword that has the right stats. I think I had a green one drop in SD that I used until I got a better one in SotSG

      • Hmm, I’ll take a look around. Maybe there’s an appropriate looking one I can just buy off the AH.

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