Screenshot Of The Day: Go Moosies

April 16, 2013


I’m at the point in The Secret World where I’m picking off quests I haven’t done yet, using the achievements window to guide me. Why it took me so long, I have no idea — as there are so many of them that give you cool clothing pieces on completion. Finally got my nifty antler hat last night, the reward for doing all the fae quests in Transylvania.

On another note, there were problems with certain social features in game after the patch in yesterday, so I apologize to any TSWers if I was incommunicado through any of the chat channels. It’s like I always say, random stuff breaking in this game just seems to be a part of the fun! You either embrace it, or go crazy.


  1. For some reason, I don’t recall any quests that have given me fancy new outfits. Do these come later or am I just doing the wrong quests?

    • Quests that give you clothing rewards are more rare, I can only recall a few off the top of my head. More common are a set of quests you can do that award you a hat or a shirt, etc. If you press “L” you can bring up the achievements screen, and under “missions” you can see sets of quests you can do (“do all Orochi quests in one area”, “do all quests from locals from area”, etc.) and those are the ones that often give outfit rewards. Once you see the achievement pop, just go into your dressing room and see what’s new! I believe at your level range there’s a townie hat to work towards!

      • Yeah, complete all the quests from Kingsmouth locals for the “Townie” hat. That’s about it for clothing from the first area. Some of the achievements give titles, like exploring all three hub cities gives you “Urban Explorer.”

      • I think there’s also the pumpkin hat that involves some of the jack-o-lantern quests in that first area.

      • Also note the innsmouth accademy jacket, innsmouth accademy hoodie and innsmouth accademy hoodie with bloodstains.

        One of them you get for exploring all of Solomon island, another for doing all innsmouth accademy missions. The bloodstained one is for doing all the “Carter unleashed” missions around savage coast. (Which was Issue #1, available to all players in the game. )

        The Hazmat suit is obtainable in Blue Mountains, and i am quite sure i still did not list all clothing items you can get by missions or achievements on Solomon island alone.

        So, take a look around, there’s more available than meets the eye. 🙂

      • Oh yeah, those you can get pretty early on too, though I think Adaram’s still just in Kingsmouth. The whole of Solomon Islands is quite an awesome place for some good clothing items for sure though 😀

  2. Hmm I may need to check my Dressing Room closet on all my toons. I may have stuff I am not aware of.

    • Yes, I still regularly have those moments where I go into my dressing room and say, “What? Where did this come from?” 😛

  3. LOL. Yesterday I just discovered that completing “Decks” will allow me to look a little less plain and n00bish. I even accidentally selected two weapons that allow me to get a uniform when I get done with the starter deck 🙂

    • Nice! A quick way to get outfits is also to complete the “inner rings” of the weapons. Used to be you just got a jacket, but now you get the whole uniform!

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