Defiance The Show: Some Quick (And Spoiler-Free) Thoughts

April 17, 2013


I was finally able to watch the pilot episode of the TV show Defiance last night, and I have to say, I haven’t felt this excited about a program on SyFy in a long time. I mean, for a futuristic dystopian-type series on cable, it’s about as good as you can ask for.  And man is it refreshing to finally see something on this channel that I could really grow to like, because in recent years I’ve been this close to giving up on good old “Siffy”.

Right from the start, I was drawn into the story — and it helped that I already felt connected to the characters Josh Nolan and Irisa, since the three of us had some good fun shooting up mutants in game together last weekend. In a way, it was like seeing an old friend again, like, “Hey, wasn’t I was reviving your downed ass just last Saturday? Dammit, you were supposed to be covering me, Nolan! Why couldn’t you have been more like Irisa and stayed behind cover?”

But I digress. My point is, even though these two characters are no longer around in the game, they are the show’s main focus. And here I am, already a steadfast member of their fan club (and I have the outfits in-game to prove it).

Anyway, by all accounts, it seems the show’s premiere drew generally positive reviews and opinions. Well, here I am adding my vote to the YES pile. I gotta say I liked what I saw. Literally too, as in the show was an hour and a half of pure eye candy. The colorful sets, gorgeous costumes and make-up and the CGI were simply incredible, and they did a superb job of drawing you into that world.

Which kind of makes me worried, actually. So many of my favorite TV shows that aren’t around anymore have been done in by mounting costs, and I sure hope the team can keep up with the expenses of such high production values (I mean, from the looks of it, their custom contact lenses budget must have accounted for a hefty dent alone). But I’m sure in the end it was all worth it, because visually, Defiance was astounding! If you saw the final battle scene, you’d know exactly what I mean. I swear I just want to watch that part over and over and over.

The plot did take a while to ramp up, but given it was the pilot and that they had a two-hour slot to fill, in the end they did a good job of setting things up. The supporting characters were interesting and made for some good laughs. Even though the show just premiered and I know it’s still too early to tell where it’ll go, I can’t say I was disappointed. I definitely enjoyed the first episode, and I hope for the show’s continued success.


  1. “And man is it refreshing to finally see something on this channel that I could really grow to like, because in recent years I’ve been this close to giving up on good old “Siffy”.”

    Really? Thumbs down to Warehouse 13, Eureka (gone now but had 5 good seasons) and Haven? Granted they’re all…quirky shows, and maybe that’s not your thing. I also like (but have a harder time recommending) Lost Girl, Being Human, Continuum and Merlin. In the ‘reality tv’ category, I really enjoy Face-Off (a special effects competition).

    Anyway, enough SyFy fanboy-ism 🙂 I read somewhere that the budget for Defiance is actually not huge. Lots of what’s going on is being done via green screen (and in some cases, Irisa on the motorcycle for instance, it’s really apparent). Grant Bowler said on twitter something about shooting begins again pretty soon, so it sounds like a Season 2 already has a thumbs up!

    • Okay, I give you those first three are decent shows, though I only ever really got into Warehouse 13. The rest, yeah I could take or leave, though in the end it isn’t the so much their shows that get to me, because at least I can see them flourishing on a channel like Syfy.

      Gone are the days and weekends I can leave the channel on for hours for some background noise while I go about my business in the house though. Prime time’s still okay with some of their shows and movies, but ugh, it chafes me every time I turn it on and see wrestling or Ghost Hunters come on. Stuff that in my opinion doesn’t belong on a “science fiction channel” but maybe that’s just me. 😛 Like I said, used to be a big fangirl too, but it just doesn’t feel the same since its rebranding.

      Anyway, glad to hear that about the budget. I understand too that they might have gone that extra mile for the first episode, to hook the audience, but if they can keep up the quality that definitely will be a good thing. And awesome news about the possibility of season 2!!!

  2. I have to say I am super excited about Defiance as well, it’s been few long years (if not more) since we had any decent sci-fi on tv. Being able to play the game as well is very cool, look me up (PC server) “Cryptor 😉

    • For sure, it’s high time for a show like Defiance. And thanks, I’m “mogsy” 🙂

  3. Is Haven done or is it returning…damn, if she only stayed out of the Barn! -)

    I am so jaded when it comes to SciFi/Fantasy shows which die before their times. Kyle XY, Dresden Files, Defying Gravity, etc. I refuse to get emotionally invested in tv shows anymore. -*(

    Defiance has great actors and I hope SyFy allows them to explore/expand their characters. I also hope Defiance: The Game doesn’t use cheesy tie-ins to the show to provide new content for the players.

    On a recent visit to the TRION studio and after signing an NDA, I saw things that gives me a lot of hope and some excitement of what is coming in-game with their DLC Season Pass.

    I hope the tv show survives and flourishes beyond the producers’ dreams! Oh wait, that sounds a bit emotional…never mind! -)

    FYI, Warehouse 13’s last 4 episodes for Season 3 have started airing.


    Dolnor Numbwit
    Eternal Newbie

    • Er…Season 4 of Warehouse 13…getting tired.


    • Yeah, there’s just not enough of an audience for sci-fi/fantasy shows (relatively, I mean…in a world where people would rather watch prime time dramas and reality tv) so their longevity is often precarious. Which is why I was surprised Game of Thrones is doing so well on HBO. Though I know that’s a little different, it’s still nice to see people who were not originally interested in fantasy become introduced to the awesomeness of the genre. In some ways, I’m hoping Defiance will do that for MMOs.

    • Haven Season 4 is coming in the Fall.

  4. I really enjoyed it! I was pretty much sold though when I saw Rockne S. O’Bannon listed as Executive Producer. Farscape is one of my all time favorite scifi shows, and I definitely got some Farscape vibe from the alien designs.

    Take a bit of Farscape, some Firefly, some Alien Nation, and some Eureka, and I’m a happy camper.

    Thank god this show isn’t on Fox or it would be canceled already.

    • Oh, Fox would be a death sentence for most sci-fi and fantasy themed shows. On any of your basic channels, really. Like I said before, genre TV still isn’t considered all that mainstream yet, even though the interest is growing. They still wouldn’t be able to compete with all the prime time sitcoms and reality tv shows.

  5. Also enjoyed it quite a bit. Pilot felt like a movie with lower budget special effects. Overall, the effects worked. But like Battlestar, they looked incredibly fake at some points. This was especially true at the beginning, when you see the aliens come and also when they’re driving around the terraformed environment.

    But the characters were great and I like all the potential side-stories you can see they’re heading towards.

    • Right, it’s pretty good for what it is. Like you said, lower budget TV movie quality, which isn’t a bad thing for a sci-fi show like this on cable. In a way, you kinda expect the effects to look fake at times, that they’ll use plenty of green screen, and that the acting will be kinda iffy once in a while 😛 I’m not expecting Hollywood caliber, that’s for sure, but overall the visuals and make up effects were still quite stunning.

  6. I’ve got the first couple of episodes DVR’d and ready to go – it does look pretty exciting!

    • The first episode was awesome! Second was relatively mediocre though, just because I think they were trying to stretch out the drama in the relationships between the characters. Third episode, however, gets hell bugs 😀 I think you’ll enjoy the show 😀

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