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Battle Bards Episode 3: Spooky And Magical

May 13, 2013

Battle Bards

Battle Bards episode 3 is now live and up for your listening pleasure!

This week’s theme is a fun one. Syp, Syl and I (because Dodge was unavailable again…I’m starting to think he’s just making excuses to avoid us!) talk about our choices of MMO tunes that sound “spooky and magical”.

What does that mean exactly, you ask? Well, apparently it’s many different things. That each of us had such varied opinions and definitions as to what constitutes as spooky and magical is what I thought was so great about this episode’s discussion, plus we got to talk about music from so many different games.

For me, my mind immediately went to tunes that are more haunting, evocative, and ethereal, a view which certainly isn’t universal but I suppose is what “spooky” means to me, and that was how I chose my songs.

So sit back, have a listen, and let me know what you think of our choices (shown below). I’d love to know what MMO tunes are spooky and magical for you.

Listen here

GW2 Halloween

Episode 3 show notes