Screenshots Of The Day: Good To Be Back In TSW

May 21, 2013

After being on vacation and gone for week, it’s mighty good to be back for The Secret World Mondays. It’s amazing how quickly your fingers can forget the controls even after such a short time, and playing a ton of Neverwinter over the last couple of weeks sure didn’t help (I couldn’t stop pressing F for everything).

Our Secret Monday group is officially moving onto Elite dungeons now. Last time we were able to clear through Elite Polaris and Inferno, and last night we were able to clear Elite Inferno again with one group and Elite Darkness War with another.

Inferno team: Syp, Rowan, Sctrz (off screen in this particular cutscene…my apologies!), Thermic, Laeyn


Darkness War team: TententaclesPid, PaganRites, Thermic, Laeyn. There’s probably a joke in here somewhere. A kungfu master, an astronaut and an Egyptian god walk into a bar and…never mind.

darkness war

Who knows, maybe next week the Knights of Mercy will venture into Elite Ankh. Hold me!

And last but not least (the feature I’m sure y’all are all dying for), what I wore for TSW Monday:

Look at me! Look at me! I’m a daredevil skydiving construction worker! Yeppers.

Daredevil construction worker


  1. Ahh TSW… the game I wanted to love, tried to love, and bought a Lifetime subscription for. I still log in every now and then hoping the “spark” will catch, but it never does. I dig the outfit though. Costuming is one part of that game they did right. It’s almost a game unto itself.

    • Yeah, the costumes are pretty cool. Every time I think I’ve settled a great look, something else comes along that I “gotta have.”

    • Absolutely. It’s become one of my favorite things to not only put together with my weekly outfit, but to see what others have come wearing as well 😀

  2. I love my outfits in TSW so much! Finally a game that gets it right and separates stats from clothing!

    And I spend time I could be leveling in Pangeae trying on outfits XD

    • It’s astounding the variety of combinations and outfits you can put together. I think they know this is where they have people like you and me hooked 😉

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