STO: New Expansion, New Captain

May 22, 2013

Here’s my new Romulan captain. I swear I did not actually try to make her look like an evil Natalie Portman, but that’s just what sort of happened.


D’Alana T’el Sindari

Anyway, I figure I’ll start writing this post now since I’m currently sitting in position six-thousand-and-something in queue waiting to get into Star Trek Online, which is something I haven’t seen since the early days of the original game’s launch. Seriously, a 6000+ queue in the middle of a week day? Congratulations STO for garnering the unprecedented level of interest for your new Legacy of Romulus expansion.

After all, I’m here too, aren’t I? I’ve logged in a few times here and there, but I haven’t played STO in earnest since…summer of 2011?

Returning to the game has always been on my list of things to do, especially since it went free-to-play. In a way, STO has a special place in my heart because blogging about my shenanigans in it during the early days is what originally got this blog off the ground. It was always so tempting to jump back in.

After a point, however, a game simply matures and leaves you behind. It’s been almost two years since I was seriously active in STO, and so many things have changed — from the ground combat improvements to the Duty Officer system. Never mind that STO has one of the most unique gameplay mechanics out there in the MMO world when it comes to space combat, which takes time to get used to and master. That’s the feature I miss the most when I think about STO, but I knew if I went back now, I’d be eaten alive.

Which is why I figured this would be the perfect time to rediscover the game again — I’ll be rolling anew with a Romulan. New expansion, new race, new character, new ship, new everything — it’ll be my chance to relearn the ropes and start from scratch.

Who knows how much I’ll be able to play nowadays, but I’ll be taking it slow, approaching this game once more with fresh eyes. I’m a newcomer again, a cadet, a clueless noob. There are a couple decisions I’ll repeat this time around though, and that’s rolling a tactical officer in an escort ship. Sorry scientists and engineers, you guys are cool too but damage dealing is just so fun in this game, I don’t think I could go any other way.

Anyway, after writing this post and mucking about online and on Twitter, looks like I’m finally at the front of the queue. Wish me luck and see y’all in game!


  1. My short time playing STO was killed due to my inability to figure out how to manage space combat. My mind just does not think well in 3D space. It’s hard enough for me when I have land as a constant X-Axis, but without that!!??


    • I just had a run through my space combat tutorial, and can’t believe how much I’ve forgotten! It’s even worse because I was so used to my top end escort Maelstrom ship from my Vulcan main, and the fact that they’ve changed up the UI didn’t help 😛

      I have to say it’s much nicer and more streamlined now though!

  2. I’m so glad to see your (tentatively) stepping back into STO. I’ve taken the opportunity to do the same thing — with so much added, it’s basically like a whole new game. I don’t think I’ve seriously played since 2011, either! Maybe we’ll both stick with it long enough to, I don’t know, actually run a STF together or something; that’s still something I’ve never done.

    • That’ll be nice! Now would actually be a very good time to attempt STFs since people I know are returning to the game I droves.

  3. […] has posted a few thoughts on STO’s new Legacy of Romulus expansion, and she even included a picture of her captain, a […]

  4. Hmm y’all are getting’ me excited. Maybe I can convince Sctrz to give it another try, since she’s gotten used to the reticle combat of Neverwinter.

    • Yay, you two are the first couple of bloggers I made contact with, and it was because we all were playing and writing about STO at the time. How cool is it we’re all playing again!

  5. Nice to see you all enjoying yourself as well maybe rediscovering STO again with all the updates. Use to really enjoy it while I played and a Trek fan thru and thru. But I got too much on my plate these days and will be keeping my character lost on assignment.

    I’ll settle for reading you all adventure highlights though.

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