It’s A Perfect World

May 24, 2013

Cryptic/Perfect World seems bent on taking up all my gaming time lately. Though I can’t seem to convince my husband to come back to Star Trek Online with me, I myself have been sucked back into the game big time.

Romulan starting area

Um, yeah. This is definitely not the STO I knew and remembered. It’s bigger and better. I am still set-phasers-to-stunned by how much has changed. I know a lot of features have been added since I left, but it’s also the little things too. Stuff has been tidied up and streamlined, from the user interface to combat mechanics, the visuals and environment and effects have been updated or improved. This was something I played for almost two years before I stopped, but coming back again now feels like discovering a brand new game.

And yet, memories of gameplay inevitably flow back to me while I’m playing. Sometimes it’s a good thing, like during ground combat. Remembering the Expose/Exploit system helped me decide which weapons to give to myself and my bridge officers, and mobs went down without any trouble. But sometimes, half-remembering the game can also hinder. During space combat with my new Romulan character, I’m maneuvering my beached whale of a starting hunk of metal and wishing so badly I was still back in my main’s escort ship. A lot of the battle tactics I developed I mastered using that little Maelstrom, and that baby turned on a dime.

Space combat

Perhaps not surprisingly, my first foray back among the stars did not go so well. I even forgot the golden rule of STO space combat: DO NOT hang around exploding ships! I guess my MMO-player instinct to run up to enemies I’ve just killed in order to loot them was just too strong, and I was almost blown up for it, bleh.

It’s a shame I can only fit in about an hour or less of time in STO during the afternoons, because like I said, the mister doesn’t seem to have any interest in captain duties anymore. As for the game we’re both still playing, the obsession with Neverwinter is still holding strong and I’m glad to report we’re slowly climbing the levels every evening.

Ebon Downs

It’s a good balance, don’t you think? Sci-fi by day, fantasy by night.


  1. Sctrz and I barely got in last night, and are ready to give STO a go again. We’ll see how it goes. Meanwhile, Neverwinter is pretty fun for those times I don’t want to get involved in a TSW thought mission.

    • How did you convince Sctrz to give STO a go again? I need some pointers, since Mr.GC is currently reluctant to head back with me. Surprising, since he’s the bigger Trek fan and I thought he would be all over the Romulans.

      • I’m honestly not sure, other than that we’ve been talking about it on TS with Mercy Gaming, and a few Beyonders like @glctrx are also very excited. Our enjoyment of Neverwinter has helped, too.

  2. I took a page out of your book and started to treat my warbirds like amped-up escorts, all cannons and turrets. It’s… invigorating.

    • I’m usually a tank or healer in most MMOs, but for some reason I just LOVE specializing in the pew pew for STO…

      • Don’t get me wrong, I love my Federation cruisers. Nothing screams “Star Trek” to me more than beam attacks and a slow turning radius. But these warbirds are fun!

  3. These days I’m always on. You should say hello sometime because I’m worried I might interfere with whatever you’re doing! 😀

    • Funny, I worry about the same thing when I’m thinking about hollering out to my friends too 😛

      Feel free to say hello, if you don’t hear anything from me, I’m probably afk!

  4. Totally love seeing you and some other old Captains coming back to the game again. 😀

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