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Secret Mondays: Elite Ankh Cleared

June 4, 2013

Another week, another Monday night with The Secret World, and the Knights of Mercy are just gonna keep chiseling away at this game one dirty balls joke at a time until we polish off all the elite instances!

I went into this version of The Ankh with some dread and apprehension, but we did manage to complete it last night, which means I’m one more step closer to going toe-to-toe with the Gatekeeper and unlocking Nightmare dungeons. I haven’t decided if it’s a good idea to press on to Elite Hell Fallen yet, or maybe we should go back to some of the earlier instances and farm some more gear for guildies first.

Here’s a picture of the team last night, which includes Solaris, Piddy-Cent and Chucho. I would be the chipper looking dame second to left dressed like a used car salesman, because I figured that a red flowery blazer would be the perfect thing to brighten up this filth-choked hellhole.

Elite Ankh