How Neverwinter Broke My F2P Malaise

June 10, 2013


I think I wrote once that free-to-play games don’t typically hook me the same way subscription games do — for two reasons, mainly. One, when I have at least one other sub game going on at the same time, that’s where my attention generally goes. There’s always that sense of “I need to get my money’s worth” chirping at me in the back of my mind, and the comforting knowledge that “the F2P games will always be there” and so that’s why it’s okay to put them on the backburner.

Two, I’m not the kind who likes to buy things piecemeal. I’d much rather just throw a one-time sum of money at a service to get the whole shebang, negating the need to wrack my brain later worrying about hitting the item store to remove any roadblocks.

Funny how Neverwinter, a game that almost didn’t even make it onto my to-play list, should be the one to break this funk I have when it comes to my track record with F2P games. It’s not so much the lack of roadblocks I’ve been hitting, though it helps that I have not yet been made to feel obliged to spend real money to keep playing. Leveling pace has been surprisingly comfortable so far; it’s definitely not fast, but at the same time I’m certainly not facing the horrific time sinks I’d expected and dreaded.

Better yet, there appears to be no end to things for me to do; between running Neverwinter’s dungeons and skirmishes, I actually had to cut back on the number of foundry missions I’ve been doing recently, so as not to out-level the game’s PvE and quest content which I want to experience too.

Granted, I’ve been taking my sweet time with this game, but I’m currently about a smidgen short of level 54 and at this rate I should be level 60 within the next couple of weeks, maybe even around the time Neverwinter officially goes “live” on June 20. When I do, it will actually be my first level-capped character in a new MMO in a good long while. Pretty sobering fact, for someone who’s always made it a point to hit the level-cap in a game before moving on to the next one. Oh how the times have changed, when all my gaming habits have turned on their head.


  1. Have you been playing this solo, or grouped up? We had been thinking about it for a Sunday afternoon group we play with RL friends, but there are only 4 of us. SWTOR has been perfect so far for this size group, but we’re getting to the point of repetition with the planets now and thinking of alternatives for something fresh. I’ve heard you get sidekicks in Neverwinter. Do you get them in groups, so a sidekick might fill a 5th slot?

    • I am not sure whether Neverwinter allows for less than full groups in intentional group dungeons, but when my lovely bride and I play together, our companions remain summoned. The dungeon and skirmish queues seem to be good ways to fill out an established group.

    • Skirmish and dungeons are meant for full groups of five, but yes, your companions are also out. But I guess that doesn’t really help if there are only four of you.

      But! You can do foundry missions with however many are in your party. Most mission authors will have suggested d party size and estimated time to complete, but they are general guidelines. My husband and I look for ones that are solo-3 people to do, though one time we found ourselves in one meant for 5 people without realizing it. We actually got the final boss room, though the journey there was a very hard struggle.

  2. Is that horse your mount? That right there could convince me to try it out …

    • Yep, that’s tje mount that came with the guardian pack I purchased before beta launch, I got to ride it at 20. I believe that particular one is exclusive to that promotion, but there are quite a few cool looking mounts like that in this game you can earn or pick up in the item store.

  3. I am so upset I can’t even begin to vocalise it. The open beta of Neverwinter hit at exactly the same time as our phone line went and the phone company have taken 6 motherfunking weeks to get it fixed….GRRR

    • 6 weeks?! I would have gone batshit insane at that point! Holy, might be time to tell your phone company to take a hike and go with another. Sorry to hear 😦

      But hope you can finally get to play NW now!

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