TSW: Tonight We Dine In Hell

June 18, 2013

The Secret World Monday Night crew has been been raring to run some of the elite dungeons in Transylvania for a while now; we were just waiting for the right time. And apparently, this was the week.

Out of the choices available we figured that The Facility was too “filthy”, and since you would have be out of your mind to want to get your feet wet in a place called The Slaughterhouse, in the end we decided on the not-that-much-less-innocuous-sounding Hell Eternal. Talk about settling on the lesser of three evils.

Anyway, here are some screenies from the night. Hopefully y’all are ready for a bunch of pictures featuring my red-hot-pants-clad backside:


First boss. I’m so glad I packed an outfit that complements this place and its denizens. Our hosts in hell have been extremely hospitable and gracious; I would hate to have put them in an awkward position by making an embarrassment of myself.


Love this shot I got of a two-headed hell monster. Would love it even more if I weren’t dead.


“Hah, is that all you’ve got? I feel like I’m getting more of a challenge from this crud I’m finding under my fingernails…”


…says the foolish little girl right before she was utterly crushed by the cruel wrath of a fallen angel.


After a few painful tries, success! The reward for completing all the Hell series dungeons is Theodore Wicker’s “Dandy Hellraiser” outfit. Here we are in our new threads, with the boys showing off their impressive chest scars and me in the middle, showing off my…well, you know.


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  2. Le Sigh, I need to get in there on my toons.

    • We should definitely run some of the easier elite bosses to farm blue QL10s for you and anyone else who needs to fill in their gear slots! I think most of these aren’t as bad now because we’re slowly getting rid of our greens and getting stronger.

      Let me know if you or sctrz have any dungeons in mind, and we can grab a group together and help you farm. We could even just cherry pick the bosses we want, get through like a dozen drops in a night without slogging through the ones that are tougher, i.e. the last bosses, as they tend to still give us trouble now and again.

      • We’ll have to assess our gear. I’m at least as much about the completion achievements as I am about gearing up for Nightmares.

        Have you “finished” the game like Syp mentioned in a recent post? Someone pointed out (I think in that very post) that the ONLY good reason for getting QL 10 Blues is to move on to Nightmares.

      • Nope, haven’t completed all the quests yet, not even my main quest line. But I also like the idea of being able to beat the gatekeeper and do nightmares one day.

      • Oh, I was just curious. I didn’t mean I thought you should do that before prepping for Nightmares. 🙂

      • Oh, I know. I’ve said before that I’m basically holding back from finishing up deliberately, as I know when I do, my choices will be whittled down to basically running dungeons and repeating quests. Just trying to stretch the experience for as long as possible!

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