STO: DOFF Mission Dialogues I Have With Myself

June 21, 2013

duty officers 1

– “What?! No, I can’t send you, it’s too dangerous!”

– “This is your captain speaking. There will be no shipboard concert, because apparently none of you are competent enough to organize one.”

– “I don’t care that you’re only a bartender, your congenial ways are needed down in sickbay surgery, so get your ass down there STAT!”

– “How the hell is it possible to fail at shore leave?”

– “I am chagrined to inform all of you that Counselor Marlin has been injured grievously by one of you during a routine psychological examination of the crew. I would be laughing at the irony if I weren’t so sure all of you losers need to be spaced.”

– “Damn, I need a Biologist. Well, time to hit up the Exchange for some chattel.”

– “Oh my god, I swear my entire crew is made up of ‘Stubborn’.”

– “An arena battle to the death, you say? Hmm, looks like you guys are all ‘green’ officers and above. I think I can risk you.”

– “Why, yes, I just authorized those five fine young Vulcan officers to their home planet for shore lea–wait, did you say Pon Farr?”


  1. Truly, the duty officer system is the best part of the game — especially because it’s the part of the game where I can see Star Trek episodes happening. Failed at shore leave? That’s happened not once, but twice!

    One of my personal favorites is having my Jem’Hadar security officer interrogate my Vorcha prisoner.

    One my my constant “urk, I hate you!” moments is that pretty much every Romulan scientist is unscrupulous, which is almost always a negative attribute during science missions. I’ve ended up having to rent out my entire science wing to the Vulcan Science Academy!

    (Don’t forget that from your bridge, you contact various crewman and get more duty officers. There’s an entire captain/bartender chain, which is probably a nod to Picard and Guinan.)

    • Wait, from your bridge? Tell me more! I swear, three weeks with this DOFF system, and I’m still learning new things every day. Now it’s like THE reason to play STO for me 😛

      • Off of the bridge, in your ready room. You can also access some, but not all, of your crew-based mission givers by through the actual duty officer window: on the same page where you assign which characters are your department heads, each heading should have a button you can hit that asks the department head for ship-borne missions.

      • Also: it’s not completely obvious at first, but once you unlock a “tier” of duty officer advancement, you can purchase additional duty officers in that tier for dilithium. Also, some specializations give you access to Emergency Holograms, which can be replicated through your ship’s replicator. And if you right click on rarer officers, they may or may not have a flavor text quote at the bottom of their profile.

        I know, there’s so much random stuff hidden away in this!

      • Ah, yeah I knew about the assignments you can access through the department heads panel, but I didn’t know there were more through your bridge.

        And I just learned more about the hologram replicating today, but unfortunately this early on I still haven’t earned rank 1 in the categories needed :\

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