Battle Bards Episode 6: WILDSTAR! With Special Guest Jeff Kurtenacker

June 25, 2013

Battle Bards

Hey everyone, Episode 6 of Battle Bards is now up! You have no idea how excited I’ve been about announcing this, because today we bring you a very special episode — the brave Bards venture into the future to cover music from our first MMO that hasn’t even been released yet! That’s right, this week Syp, Syl and I are talking about the soundtrack to the upcoming WildStar!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have heard about this science fiction MMORPG estimated to come out later this year. I’ve been maintaining a pretty high level of interest in the game but at the same time trying not to let the hype gain control, but it wasn’t until I heard some of the songs that my excitement really got away from me and soared to new heights. Funny how music can do that to you, eh?

So as you can imagine, being able to feature Wildstar on the Battle Bards was a treat unto itself, but that’s not all; composer Jeff Kurtenacker joins us as our special guest, and even has a couple of exclusive tracks to share with us. Hear them here first on the Battle Bards, and be sure to check out Jeff’s website too!



Episode 6 show notes

Introduction to WildStar′s score and Jeff Kurtenacker (feat. The Cold Science of Supremacy, Enemy Battle, and Spanish Armada from Pirates of the Burning Sea)
Character Creation
Systematic Domination
Justice Doesn’t Always Wear A Badge
Saving the Universe
A Story of Hope and Healing (Battle Bards exclusive)
War Will Come (Battle Bards exclusive)
Website and blog plugs

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