Screenshots Of The Day: Parasailing is For Chumps, Jet Packs Are The Way To Go!

July 1, 2013

Star Trek Online’s Lohlunat Festival summer event has been running since late last week, opening up a new resort island on Risa, its pristine beaches bringing all manner of spacefarers to this tropical tourist planet. I could barely find parking for my spaceship and had to sleep behind the damn dumpsters because it’s peak season and all the rooms are booked up.

But man, the view is totally worth it:

Pool Boy

Helloooooo, Mr. Beefcake! Er, wait, sorry. You were thinking more of a panoramic seascape kinda view? Well, I’ve got some of those too:

Flying High

There are lots of new activities to do and even more rewards to earn, but the one thing I want to focus on for this event is obtaining the Risian Corvette starship. That means doing the “Flying High” daily for at least 25 days before August 2nd, which rewards 40 Lohlunat pearls a pop for a total of 1000 by the end of the grind.

Normally, I abhor these kinds of daily farms for anything, but Risa’s so beautiful I almost don’t mind at all.


The quest requires the player to rent or buy a “floater” (from here on out referred to as a JET PACK! because it just sounds so much cooler) and go around the island flying in whatever wonky patterns the game wishes you to do. Hey, you’re the boss, STO. I’ll do whatever you ask, as long as you give me my damn starship.


Whoa. Seriously, though. Can you imagine if STO had launched with worlds like this?


You can literally watch the sun go down. That’s what I was doing in the screenshot above, taking five precious minutes out of my Horga’hn Hunt to enjoy sunset and see the last rays of light disappear below the horizon.

Pretty unfortunate place to park a cruise ship right in the middle of the view though, I have to say.


And at night, the twin moons rising. Okay, when I’m done this silly little treasure hunt, I seriously gotta get my First Officer down here for some nookie.


  1. Hm I think I may need to pay Risa a visit.

  2. Where to sign up as First Officer? 😀 😉

    • LOL, sorry, that spot’s been long filled by my Mirror-Universe-Spock-lookalike Science Department head. Goatees on Vulcans are sexy 😛

  3. That’s STO? You’re pulling my leg, right?

    • Nope, it’s as STO as STO can be 🙂

      • These screenshots are of the ground part of the game, which many people disregard. I won’t go into reasons or missunderstandings causing this, but i find that many people focus on space activity and thus screenshots and videos of spaceships and space combat are more frequently seen. (And there’s just so much “awesome scenery” somebody can create when most of the screen is the blackness of space. )

        Also, truth to be told, the area the pictures were taken is one of the most beautiful places in the game, along with some other areas added in the last year or something like that. New areas have significally higher quality that areas present since a long time. (Which means, the engine probably could’ve done this quality since launch, but to reach a bigger fanbase, the developers at that time decided to go for lower quality of graphics and thus have lower hardware requirements. )

        Luckily, older areas seem to also sucessively get updated.

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