Happy Birthday TSW!

July 3, 2013
This calls for rainbows.

This calls for rainbows.

An MMO making it to its first year anniversary? That’s a big deal.

An MMO making it to its first year anniversary and I find I’ve stayed with it for all this time and it still interests me enough to play it regularly? That’s an even bigger deal in my books.

God knows I jump from game to game like the virtual world nomad that I am, so when an MMO actually sticks, let alone motivates me to pay a sub every month for something that’s essentially gone free-to-play, I know I’ve found something special.

And The Secret World is certainly special. You’ll definitely find me participating in the celebrations this week, and also be sure to check out what else fans like Rowan and the Beyond the Veil gang have in store for TSW’s first birthday bash.

To the game and its indomitable team, congratulations on your first year and here’s to many more!


  1. Their Anniversary email finally prompted me to patch up TSW and re-visit. I started a new character to re-learn the game, but now I’ve grown attached to him while my old character strikes me as a bit of a d-bag now. LOL Also his inventory is full of stuff that baffles me so I think I have to keep running with my new guy until some NPC or quest re-teaches me about crafting. 🙂

    • Dislike of the old character. The one reason to reroll in TSW. Anyway, welcome back! 🙂

      On re-teaching you on crafting, that should happen very soon in Kingsmouth. Although, in terms of TSW crafting nothing beats this link: http://yokaiblog.wikidot.com/guides:craft-patterns

      • Thanks for that link! OMG I’d forgotten about the whole patterns-based crafting stuff! Sweet!

      • Another awesome thing about the crafting system is the use of the assembly window in several missions to make items specific to the mission.

  2. Hooray! Thanks for the plug 🙂

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