The Companion Pet Haul

July 10, 2013

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at the Gamer Chick household, and you can always tell that’s the case when I’ve been light on gaming, and my blog posts when I get around to writing ’em also tend to be heavy on the pictures! Thankfully, all the things I’ve planned to do in my MMOs have been pretty accessible. This year feels like the summer of special events, events, events.

For one, I’m so glad that Funcom extended their anniversary celebration for The Secret World for a week, allowing me more time to hit all the world bosses and maybe try my luck at some of the event-exclusive loot. With my luck, I have a feeling it’s going to take a while if I want to go all completionist and collect all the companion pets and special eyepieces that drop from them. Truth is, I could care less about the gear — as you know, my obsession is with mini-pets.

Anyway, out of more than 10 boss kills so far in TSW, I’ve only gotten two. Ugh, I freaking hate this “random drops” crap. This Shem pet that looks like a pile of poop was the first I got. He’s so ugly, but I don’t care — he broke my long streak of picking up nothing but “celebration flares” and signet bags, so I love him!


Star Trek Online is also currently running their Risa summer event, and so far I’ve been a good girl doing my “Flying High” daily every day working towards earning my Risian Corvette. Once in a while and only if the hunt is up, I’ll collect a Horga’hn or two for the hell of it — which is why I was shocked when I actually picked up an egg.

Yeah, I hatched that sucker into a Risian tropical bird pet like there was no tomorrow. I ended up with the Seaspray chick, and honestly, one is enough for me.

Risian bird

I know I’m always lamenting about my poor luck when it comes to drops, but sometimes fortune does smile upon me, and often it’s when I least expect it. I run World of Warcraft LFRs on my Monk healer once in a while, hoping to pick up some gear upgrades in Throne of Thunder. The last run I did yielded none…but the Horridon kill did leave me with a Pygmy Direhorn, which actually made me happier than any piece of purple armor could.

pygmy direhorn


  1. I gave up pretty quickly on the Corvette. I might get one if they decide to sell it in the store. It was that it was hard, it was just quickly became grindy. Good luck on the rest of your pets. As I’ve emntioned all over the interchoobs, I’ll be done when my Dragon gets the glowing green eyes. That is a cute Triceratops, though.

    • The Flying High daily thankfully only takes about 3 minutes out of my day, any longer and I might have given up already too. As it is, I spend even more time fiddling with my duty officers, so I guess I can tolerate it.

  2. I’ve been grinding out those guardians like there’s no tomorrow. I have all the drops except for the fusang metal golem pet and you can bet your sweet bippy ill be queuing up ASAP when I get home!

    • Haha, you’re braver than I am! I’ve pretty much written off Fusang. 😦

      • Got the guardian down in like 35 minutes but then the loot bugged out and my loot bag disappeared. I have a ticket in but still… 😦

      • Arrrgggggggh that sucks! 😦 Hope you get the achievement and your chance at the loot.

  3. Heh at complaining about the grinding in STO. You were never around for the original Delta Flyer mission, I guess.

    • I did with the Flyer what I might to do with the corvette, buy it in the store. No grind, except my office grind. 🙂

    • It’s weird, I don’t even remember if I did the grind. I don’t remember buying it at the C-Store either. But upon my return to the game, I see I do have the Delta Flyer. It’s a mystery!

  4. So you play WoW as well!

    Your posts have gotten my wife and I excited about playing an MMO again. My wife hasn’t played games much, but she is good at WoW so we’re going to roll some new WoW toons. We always played allies and we’re bored with them, so we’re gonna roll hordies this time.

    Now we just need to pick a good server…

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