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TSW: Post Party Report

July 15, 2013
If you FPS >10 then you still don't have enough DPS!

If your FPS >10, you STILL don’t have enough DPS!

So, the person who predicted that I wouldn’t be content with getting just one pet during The Secret World one year anniversary event? They were absolutely right.

I ended up going boss farming this weekend, and walked away with a total of eight out of the nine available. I tell myself I’m not going to count the one out of Fusang, having given it up as a lost cause right from the start. I wouldn’t even have ended up with so many if it weren’t for my prince of a husband, who helped me out by giving me some of his loot bags. His must have yielded 6-7 pet drops for both of us, whereas mine continued to drop only flares and signets. With my rotten luck, I’m sure I could have killed bosses ’til the end of time and still wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.

But crappy RNG and the questionable decision by Funcom to involve the PvP in the event aside, I’d say that the TSW first anniversary celebration was a success in terms of fun and enjoyment, due in every part to the efforts of the community. The players really came together for this one, calling out guardian sightings and offering meet ups over the #Anniversary (and #Anniversity) chat channel.

My in-game friends list is filled after this event, mostly due to the fact you have to get around from boss right to boss fight, you have to “friend” someone before meeting up with them. But in spite of this, there are a lot people I’ve established a rapport with from communicating and cooperating with each other during this event, and as such, there are quite a few names which will stay in my contacts even after the celebrations are over.

With that kind of help and support, it’s much easier to set aside the frustrations and just enjoy myself. As overheard in chat during a glitched fight in the Carpathian Fangs, someone said “I love how the boss is bugged but I’m still having fun”, and I couldn’t agree more.