Battle Bards Episode 7: Main/Capital City Themes

July 16, 2013

Battle Bards

Listening to MMO soundtracks always make me nostalgic for the games I haven’t played in a while, and nothing does that to me more than the music you hear in the main or capital cities. Whether the tunes sound grand or contemplative, proud or melancholy, those are the songs I always remember best. In cities, we gather to socialize with friends or to take care of housekeeping tasks like vendoring or repairing or playing the auction house. They’re safe places where our characters wind down and relax after a day of adventure.

And so, this week’s episode of Battle Bards is dedicated to those city themes, in which my co-hosts Syp, Syl and I feature and discuss our favorites. What tales do these virtual metropolises have to tell through music? Sit back and enjoy as the bards share their memories that these songs evoke!


(Apologies on the sound quality in spots — we had a devil of a time recording this due to several power outages!)


Episode 7 show notes

  • Introduction to city themes (incl. “Birth of a Player City” from Star Wars Galaxies and “Omni-Tek theme” from Anarchy Online)
  • “Coruscant” from Star Wars: The Old Republic (comp. Lennie Moore)
  • “Stormwind” from World of Warcraft (comp. Jason Hayes)
  • “Imperial Square” from Allods Online (comp. Vladislav Isaev, Mark Morgan)
  • “Meridian” from RIFT (comp. Inon Zur)
  • “Seville” from Uncharted Waters Online (comp. Kazunori Miyake)
  • “Crossroad at Dawn” from Lineage II (comp. Bill Brown, Inon Zur)
  • “Kingdom of Light” from Aion (comp. Yang Bang-Ean)
  • Website and blog plugs


  1. The Stormwind theme is damn iconic. When you first run up to the city and the music swells as you cross the bridge is one of the defining MMO moments.

    • That’s pretty much what I said in the show too. 🙂 I’ll always remember the first time I stepped foot in Stormwind, running across the bridge and the Valley of Heroes with the grand statues looming over me on both sides. It was the music that cemented this memory in my mind.

  2. Wow, just stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed seeing such passionate player like you! It’s very inspiring. I’m right now in the middle of listening to Battle Bards Episode 7 and enjoy it a lot. Thanks! 🙂

    • Welcome to my blog and thanks for checking out Battle Bards! Glad to see another MMO music fan 🙂

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