The Big Ding: Neverwinter Online

July 22, 2013


Adding yet another MMO character to my stable of maxed-levels  is always a happy occasion to celebrate…even in this case, where “the big ding” happened in like the most mundane and anti-climactic way ever.

I’ve been playing Neverwinter Online — that is, if your definition of “playing” can extend to simply logging in every day, just to queue up professions and burn the daily prayer cooldown for my coin.

3 minutes each night was all it took. But the experience I gained from doing that over weeks and weeks was actually enough to take me all the way from level 52 to 60. That’s right, instead of doing quests and killing wolves out in the great wide world like any adventurer worth her salt, Alistara Arborshale the Great Weapon Fighter spent the last month or so sequestered in the main city being the equivalent of a paper-pusher!

That’s not to say I undervalue the experience, though. Leveling is leveling, and hitting level cap is hitting level cap. I’m actually quite grateful for a game that allows me do so in spite of my busy schedule. It took very little effort on my part — but then again, also a crap ton of persistence!


  1. You can do the same in STO, too. Just get to the point where you can start using the DOFF system, just do that, and the amount of experience you get for your character comes frighteningly quick. It’s not a bad thing, as you say, but there is something really boring about overleveling content before you even do it for the first time.

    • That’s actually what I’m doing with my second STO character, been doing that since level 20 or something and now I’m mid 30s! Takes a while, but yeah the experience rewarded is surprisingly generous.

  2. I thought 60 was the level cap?

    I’m doing that too, however going insane listening that I would do well to seek the favour of the gods.

    • It is 60! Thanks for catching that, I edited the post. Guess I also have STO on the mind, I got mixed up!

  3. Yah, all my NW toons have at least 20 levels under their belts simply from the daily “C&I” as I like to call it. (Crafting and Invocation, in case that’s not clear)

    And thus even with fairly minimal play time due to working 2 jobs and all of the IRL stuff that gets in the way I still have 4 capped toon and another 2 in the upper 30’s.

    • LOL “Daily crafting and invocation”, I love it! Yoink, gonna start calling is C&I from now on too!

  4. Congratulations! I actually stopped logging in to update my crafting because I didn’t want to outlevel all the story quests.

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