Screenshot Of The Day: Pleasure Yacht

July 24, 2013

I’m no fan of grinding daily quests, not even when it involves zipping around on a tropical island with a jet pack for Star Trek Online’s Risa event. But hey, a starship reward in exchange for a mere 3 minutes of my evening, for 25 days? I thought it was totally worth it. Behold my new Risian Corvette and its custom paint job!


Okay, look, it’s a pleasure yacht. If I can’t deck it in the most gaudy of color combinations and make it the biggest eyesore in the galaxy, then what’s the point? You can never go wrong with psychedelic neon pink and green, and if you look straight deep into its forward nacelles you might even imagine to see the clear and shimmering azure skies of a tropical paradise.

And like a tweep of mine pointed out, if anyone dares make fun of my new corvette, I can just tell them it’s painted lovingly with the blood of my Klingon enemies from Star Trek VI.

Anyway, following the age-old the tradition of naming all my ships on my main character after earth’s biomes, I’ve dubbed this newest monstrosity in my hangar “Reef”. It only feels appropriate.


  1. I think it looks awesome. Grats

    • Thanks. You’re the only one who thinks so, so far 🙂

  2. It kinda reminds me of one of the racer-hoverthings from Wipeout.

    • Whoa, actually, the similarities are uncanny.

  3. Beautiful ship, awful colors. :p I got started late so I may have to wait for next summer to finish it.

    • Thanks! But I’m disappointed you didn’t like my paint job 😛

      And it’ll be great if this event returned next summer. Now that I think about it, I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Someone was just asking me today if it was too late to try and get this corvette, and I told them I think it was. I said maybe they’ll throw the ship up in the C-Store, but it didn’t occur to me that players can just try again next year.

  4. You know you sacrifice a lot of speed by not painting it red? 😀 😉

    • But but but…pleasure yacht! Where would I go that I need to be in such a hurry? 😛

  5. “if anyone dares make fun of my new corvette, I can just tell them it’s painted lovingly with the blood of my Klingon enemies from Star Trek VI”

    Heh, if the purple stripes are Klingon blood, then does that mean the the green base is extracted from Romulans? Makes sense!

    • LOL, true! It definitely could be Romulan blood, but admitting so would just make me sound like such an ungracious curmudgeon 😛

  6. Brilliant design, one of the best I’ve seen yet, wish I could do designs that good, you’ll be easy identified as its nice and unique, if your ever in the sector look me up @wheelybod

    • Haha, thanks, I just wanted to go with the ugliest color combination I could think of, but I guess it does make it unique and “easily identified”. I stop traffic in the Sol system, but maybe everyone’s just wondering whether they should shoot me on sight and spare their eyes.

  7. You will be the center of attention, that’s for sure.

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