SWTOR: The IMC Strikes Back

July 29, 2013

Home sweet…ship.

In light of the success that Mercy Gaming has had with the implementation of The Secret World Mondays (it’s been our guild’s longest-running endeavor so far), a few of our members have started up similar weekly sessions for Star Wars: The Old Republic. As such, the Darths at the top have declared Thursdays to be TORsdays, and we’ll be breathing life back into our old Empire guild the Imperial Mercenary Corps.

In a way, this return to SWTOR feels a long time coming. Mercy Gaming in its earliest form was assembled around that game, after all. Over time, our gaming circle has drifted from the game and we’ve lost and gained members since.

But now that SWTOR is free-to-play and has a new expansion to boot, I like the idea of going back and revisiting it once more. Actually, this wasn’t even a game I’d wanted to stop playing in the first place, but my daughter was born about a couple months after it first launched and pretty much all gaming stopped for me until that summer. By then, our guild’s presence in SWTOR had pretty much dissolved, and people had moved on to TSW and Guild Wars 2. Anyway, that’s really just my roundabout way of saying that I’m going to take full advantage of TORsdays.

My first goal: to get my Bounty Hunter to level 50. Apparently, she was 42 when I last left her — so close and yet so far to the old cap. After that, we’ll see about getting the expansion and taking her to 55. For the time being, I’ve already committed myself to at least the next two months because I sprang for the 60-day time card. SWTOR may be F2P, but it will make your life a living hell unless you sub. It appears I’ve been dreadfully spoiled by the more forgiving F2P approach employed by Perfect World/Cryptic games.

As of now, I’m sitting at level 45 and in the middle of questing through Belsavis. It’s always a bit frustrating coming back to an MMO you haven’t played for almost a year, especially when everything has changed and you have to redo all your skill points, user interface, etc. Not to mention the biggie, which is I’ve pretty much forgotten how to play my class. Let’s just say I spent the first couple of days back in game getting my ass kicked all over the planet, and leave it at that.


  1. IMC, eh? I think I’m still in that guild. Perhaps I’ll even log in on a Thursday here and there.

    • LOL yeah, I hadn’t logged in for almost a year and still in the IMC, so no doubt your characters will be as well. As far as I know, we don’t purge the roster for inactivity.

  2. I’m tempted to start a toon on your server and join your guild, that is if you don’t mind, I also know what you mean about the f2p making life a living hell, or as my guild on the Jedi covenant server agrees, “you get screwed unless you throw money at it” what are your guilds lacking class wise, I can do anything but tanking, I’m also preferred so I can put 3 in each side or any combo. Let me know what you think. Just one thing to note I’m 5 hours ahead of you so doing raids could be difficult to start with, still let me know either way.

    • At this point, I believe we’re gathering our strength, getting some members back, and helping people who need to level. Still at the very early stages, as it were. We have a few people at 55 with the expansion already, and on the other end of the spectrum, people starting out and currently at level 15, 16 etc. So it’s really structureless atm, just have fun and play the class you enjoy.

      And seriously, their F2P approach is brutal. Throw money at it to grant the feature to not show helm. Throw money at it to get the full experience gain. Throw money at it to get rested experience. This last one was what finally got me to throw in the towel and sub.

      • Personally I avoid the hide helm or try to get adaptive covert helms, the experience damper for free to play sucks, 2 out the 4 of us on jedi covenant sub, so I find they get frustrated at my slow levelling lol, turns out they never did the f2p and so have never suffered the damper of XP, rested xp although its good never did anything for me when my account was a trial sub before the f2p, the big one I’m surprised you didn’t say you’d subbed to avoid is the 5 med probes for the game then buy more.

        When the card runs out do you revert to f2p? I’ve tempted that before but with limited income, I didn’t want to do it, to find it ran out and to put it bluntly f*cked up my game locking me out, had a similar experience on WOW and didn’t want to repeat it.

      • Yeah, I assume when my game time runs out, I revert back to F2P, because part of the reason I did that was I didn’t want a recurring subscription. Inevitably, I always pay an extra month for games because I forget to cancel when I stop! This way, I’ll only buy time when I know I want to play.

  3. I am on the fence about resubscribing right now. I have been doing f2p augmented by cartel coins purchases for a while, and they have been enough to keep the game interesting to me. I didn’t think I would like the cartel market, but I have to admit that some of the vanity gear has me acting like a cash shop whore. I still intend to pick up the Cathar War Staff at some point.

    • I have plenty of cartel coins atm, which I’ve been spending on XP boosts, mostly. I probably will pick up a vanity item or two when the mood strikes me though, but for now I’m just focused on leveling up and playing my story.

      I ended up subbing because I could use the extra XP and resting in cantinas, considering how little time I get to play each night (about two hours) and the rest of the day my character’s sitting idle. Might as well rack up some rested XP too.

  4. I’ve only just started playing SWTOR and, while I am not in agreement with Bioware with how they approach F2P, I am still really enjoying myself.

    • Me too! I am not happy with the way the implemented their F2P, but I also can’t deny subbing has made the experience a lot better. As long as it’s worth it, I’m happy.

      • I’ve only bought enough credits to be Preferred Status and then buy one of the Legacy Race Unlocks with them. I can’t say that I’m finding it more difficult to play now that I’m past level 10, which is when the reduced experience gain kicks in. But we’ll see – I’m only JUST past 10.

        I’ve gone for a Jedi Sentinel as my main Republic, and I’m trying out an Imperial Agent for the Empire. Shooty McShooter isn’t my usual thing, but I’m still enjoying the agent – particularly her story.

  5. Cool. I might play SWTOR again soon too. The story is really good!

    • No one does story like BioWare! Well, TSW might give it a run for it’s money, but I’ve always loved the SWTOR class stuff!

  6. I’ve spent significant amounts of time as both a subscriber and a non-subscriber with access to almost every unlock that you can pay someone else with credits to buy for you. I don’t think the non-subscriber path is prohibitive, but some of the restrictions do add up, especially if you go through multiple planets in a row as a non-subscriber. I’ll typically sub up if I’m going to be working seriously on a class story, and otherwise bum around as a non-subscriber.

    Glad to hear IMC is sort of back from the dead. I rolled on your server a merge or two ago, and IMC was so dead that I was never able to find anyone to invite my poor unguilded imp alts. On the downside, the new “guild reward” system means that you’re missing out on 5% exp and 10% rep if your guild doesn’t have 25 active paying accounts, but I guess a guild that isn’t dead one day per week is still better than no guild (in fact, precisely 5% exp better, since you get half of the guild bonus just for not being unguilded).

    • We’re calling it SWTOR Thursdays because our TSW Mondays have been successful and we figure one day for people to log in and know that there will also be others on will be helpful. Nonetheless, a lot of us are on practically every day of the week now! 😀 I myself have put in maybe 3-4 days this week trying to get my bounty hunter leveled a bit more.

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