Battle Bards Episode 8: The Lovely Tunes Of EverQuest 2

July 30, 2013

Battle Bards

The new episode of The Battle Bards is up! This week, Syp, Syl and I chat about the music of EverQuest 2, and it occurs to me what a delightful thing it is to be an MMO player when the topic of “people riding bees” can pop into casual conversation twice in a single week.

EQ2 isn’t a game I can say I’ve spent any significant amount of time playing, but apparently even a clueless newcomer like me can appreciate the stellar pieces in its diverse soundtrack. We hope you do too!



Episode 8 show notes

  • Introduction to city themes (including “Main Theme” and “Kelethin”)
  • “Character Menu” (comp. Laura Karpman)
  • “Qeynos” (comp. Laura Karpman)
  • “Isle of Refuge” (comp. Laura Karpman)
  • “Skyshrine Merchant’s Quarter” (comp. Inon Zur)
  • “Antonica” (comp. Laura Karpman)
  • “Tower of the Drafling” (comp. Laura Karpman)
  • “Qeynos Guild Hall” (comp. Inon Zur)
  • Website and blog plugs
  • Outro: “Main Theme”


  1. EQ2 has some lovely music, I’d have to say the Shard of Love theme is my fave.

    • I’ll have to look into that one, and maybe mention it to my fellow bards on a future ep 🙂

  2. Man where to begin. I am by far bias because I have major nostalia while listening to this amazing soundtrack (remembering years of playing). I keep wanting to chime in and chat with you all about these tracks only to get sad when I realize they were recorded months ago. So here’s a few things for what it’s worth:

    The merchant music does have more going on like you said. It’s played in the first “major city” where players of all races go to craft, get quests or what have you. However it’s also the first city where you’re no completely out of danger. There are many theives that will attack lower level characters so it does have something going on I’d say.

    You do sometimes bounce back and forth from where you would actually encounter the music according to how you would level. I always found that the starting cities like Qeynos (“Key Nose” so you nailed it! 🙂 ) and even Antonica (your “disney” track) are the very beginning stages of leveling and bring ideas of happiness but later on you find that songs get more exotic and darker/more dangerous.

    I have a site that has ALL the original tracks including one I’m sure you all would love for thundering steppes. Tons of different tons and feelings beside what you’ve shown. Please contact me if you plan on doing a follow up and keep up the good work!

    • Glad you liked our show! Your comment made me so happy…let me know if it’s okay with you to read it on our show 😀

      And I’ll be sure to keep this blog updated with any new episodes!

      • Oh yeah absolutely. I’m definitely just selfish and want to hear another EQ 2 show but I definitely enjoyed listening to you all. You seem like my kind of peeps. Funny too.

        Also side note is Laura was interviewed and she said she was shown a character walkthrough of the different zones and that’s what she tried to sinc her music too. If you saw pictures to some of these zones/instances it might feel more at place. Admittedly though I’ll agree that some music seems a bit out of place due to being to grandiose.

        But to your own point you listened to the draftling song and immediately thought flight of the bumblebee and sure enough that’s a small little zone gaurded by bees that you have to sneak into to steal some honey for some kicking meed.

    • Correction. I’m pretty sure you’d love the emotion heard from the Enchanted Lands soundtrack more.

      • Thank ya! I’ll direct Syp here so we can add your comment to our received comments and feedback 😀

      • One last thing because listening to you guys is getting me day dreaming too much and I need to work lol. I’m pretty sure there’s just ONE unicorn in the entire game and it was a very low level mob in Oakmyst forest, which if I recall, isn’t even in the game anymore. Tell him he’s not alone in not liking unicorns.

      • Hahaha, awesome. What is up with the unicorn hate? 😛

  3. One of the things I cherished about EQ was the cinematic attention to detail. The lush soundtracks actually drew you into the experience even more. I played both iterations from launch hehe and put in years of gameplay on each and the music, man, the music was always just incredible.

    Thank you so much for this great series and esp., for this episode.

  4. Also wanted to add in regards to EQ and its staging of music, Antonica for example — as you progress through the area, the sub-areas – mysterious forest or eldritch towers or whathaveyou … also have themed music which seems to be composed so 90% of the time they all sweep together… so think of the Antonica theme as the glue behind the scenes — just one layer in the acoustic weave.

    • So glad you enjoyed the Battle Bards! And thank you for sharing your memories of the game, they definitely make me wish I had given the game more attention and played when I had the chance! 🙂

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