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Screenshot Of The Day: The Slaughterhouse

July 31, 2013
Ick, these TSW vampires are real sickos.

Ick, these TSW vampires are real sick bastards.

In The Secret World this week, my Monday night posse and I thought to press on with the Elite dungeons we haven’t done and decided attempting the Slaughterhouse. As it turned out, that place is perhaps too aptly named. I won’t go into all the demoralizing details here, but fellow guildie Tententacles pretty much summed up our hapless adventures for the evening in his nicely written post-Secret Monday report.

On the other hand, such humbling experiences make me wax nostalgic for the early days of the game when it was new and each dungeon encounter strategy would boil down to “Well okay, gang, let’s just keep hurling our dead bodies at him until he dies!”

We’ve been crushing familiar content for a while, sometimes I forget it was the result of all the pains involved with learning and experimenting with the fights at the beginning. We all know how it is. While it was frustrating as all hell, it was also a fun experience with friends.