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Battle Bards Episode 7: Main/Capital City Themes

July 16, 2013

Battle Bards

Listening to MMO soundtracks always make me nostalgic for the games I haven’t played in a while, and nothing does that to me more than the music you hear in the main or capital cities. Whether the tunes sound grand or contemplative, proud or melancholy, those are the songs I always remember best. In cities, we gather to socialize with friends or to take care of housekeeping tasks like vendoring or repairing or playing the auction house. They’re safe places where our characters wind down and relax after a day of adventure.

And so, this week’s episode of Battle Bards is dedicated to those city themes, in which my co-hosts Syp, Syl and I feature and discuss our favorites. What tales do these virtual metropolises have to tell through music? Sit back and enjoy as the bards share their memories that these songs evoke!


(Apologies on the sound quality in spots — we had a devil of a time recording this due to several power outages!)


Episode 7 show notes

  • Introduction to city themes (incl. “Birth of a Player City” from Star Wars Galaxies and “Omni-Tek theme” from Anarchy Online)
  • “Coruscant” from Star Wars: The Old Republic (comp. Lennie Moore)
  • “Stormwind” from World of Warcraft (comp. Jason Hayes)
  • “Imperial Square” from Allods Online (comp. Vladislav Isaev, Mark Morgan)
  • “Meridian” from RIFT (comp. Inon Zur)
  • “Seville” from Uncharted Waters Online (comp. Kazunori Miyake)
  • “Crossroad at Dawn” from Lineage II (comp. Bill Brown, Inon Zur)
  • “Kingdom of Light” from Aion (comp. Yang Bang-Ean)
  • Website and blog plugs

TSW: Post Party Report

July 15, 2013
If you FPS >10 then you still don't have enough DPS!

If your FPS >10, you STILL don’t have enough DPS!

So, the person who predicted that I wouldn’t be content with getting just one pet during The Secret World one year anniversary event? They were absolutely right.

I ended up going boss farming this weekend, and walked away with a total of eight out of the nine available. I tell myself I’m not going to count the one out of Fusang, having given it up as a lost cause right from the start. I wouldn’t even have ended up with so many if it weren’t for my prince of a husband, who helped me out by giving me some of his loot bags. His must have yielded 6-7 pet drops for both of us, whereas mine continued to drop only flares and signets. With my rotten luck, I’m sure I could have killed bosses ’til the end of time and still wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.

But crappy RNG and the questionable decision by Funcom to involve the PvP in the event aside, I’d say that the TSW first anniversary celebration was a success in terms of fun and enjoyment, due in every part to the efforts of the community. The players really came together for this one, calling out guardian sightings and offering meet ups over the #Anniversary (and #Anniversity) chat channel.

My in-game friends list is filled after this event, mostly due to the fact you have to get around from boss right to boss fight, you have to “friend” someone before meeting up with them. But in spite of this, there are a lot people I’ve established a rapport with from communicating and cooperating with each other during this event, and as such, there are quite a few names which will stay in my contacts even after the celebrations are over.

With that kind of help and support, it’s much easier to set aside the frustrations and just enjoy myself. As overheard in chat during a glitched fight in the Carpathian Fangs, someone said “I love how the boss is bugged but I’m still having fun”, and I couldn’t agree more.


The Companion Pet Haul

July 10, 2013

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at the Gamer Chick household, and you can always tell that’s the case when I’ve been light on gaming, and my blog posts when I get around to writing ’em also tend to be heavy on the pictures! Thankfully, all the things I’ve planned to do in my MMOs have been pretty accessible. This year feels like the summer of special events, events, events.

For one, I’m so glad that Funcom extended their anniversary celebration for The Secret World for a week, allowing me more time to hit all the world bosses and maybe try my luck at some of the event-exclusive loot. With my luck, I have a feeling it’s going to take a while if I want to go all completionist and collect all the companion pets and special eyepieces that drop from them. Truth is, I could care less about the gear — as you know, my obsession is with mini-pets.

Anyway, out of more than 10 boss kills so far in TSW, I’ve only gotten two. Ugh, I freaking hate this “random drops” crap. This Shem pet that looks like a pile of poop was the first I got. He’s so ugly, but I don’t care — he broke my long streak of picking up nothing but “celebration flares” and signet bags, so I love him!


Star Trek Online is also currently running their Risa summer event, and so far I’ve been a good girl doing my “Flying High” daily every day working towards earning my Risian Corvette. Once in a while and only if the hunt is up, I’ll collect a Horga’hn or two for the hell of it — which is why I was shocked when I actually picked up an egg.

Yeah, I hatched that sucker into a Risian tropical bird pet like there was no tomorrow. I ended up with the Seaspray chick, and honestly, one is enough for me.

Risian bird

I know I’m always lamenting about my poor luck when it comes to drops, but sometimes fortune does smile upon me, and often it’s when I least expect it. I run World of Warcraft LFRs on my Monk healer once in a while, hoping to pick up some gear upgrades in Throne of Thunder. The last run I did yielded none…but the Horridon kill did leave me with a Pygmy Direhorn, which actually made me happier than any piece of purple armor could.

pygmy direhorn


A Year Of TSW…Captured In Polaris

July 5, 2013

I’m still in a celebration mood for the 1-Year Anniversary of The Secret World. For the hell of it, here’s a gallery of some of the awesome folk (plus their outfits, of course) with whom I’ve had the pleasure of running Polaris. I like to think of it as like those damn cameras they place on roller coasters to take pictures of the most perfect and precious moments in life.


One of my favorite screenshots of any game ever.


Rocket Man and the Cowboy Bumpkin.

Aren't you...chilly?

Aren’t you…chilly?


The couple that slays together stays together.


Ma’am, that wasn’t very lady-like.


I know who you are from the color of your murderous eyes.


Someone clearly has not read Chapter 4 of the Templar handbook on the dangers of a flailing hammer on an airborne chopper.


I get pissed off every time I see this shot, due to being cruelly reminded of the fact female characters are unable to purchase “Brain Beanies”.


The Lone Ranger and the Prima Donna


How YOU doin’?

And our star:




Happy Birthday TSW!

July 3, 2013
This calls for rainbows.

This calls for rainbows.

An MMO making it to its first year anniversary? That’s a big deal.

An MMO making it to its first year anniversary and I find I’ve stayed with it for all this time and it still interests me enough to play it regularly? That’s an even bigger deal in my books.

God knows I jump from game to game like the virtual world nomad that I am, so when an MMO actually sticks, let alone motivates me to pay a sub every month for something that’s essentially gone free-to-play, I know I’ve found something special.

And The Secret World is certainly special. You’ll definitely find me participating in the celebrations this week, and also be sure to check out what else fans like Rowan and the Beyond the Veil gang have in store for TSW’s first birthday bash.

To the game and its indomitable team, congratulations on your first year and here’s to many more!


Screenshots Of The Day: Parasailing is For Chumps, Jet Packs Are The Way To Go!

July 1, 2013

Star Trek Online’s Lohlunat Festival summer event has been running since late last week, opening up a new resort island on Risa, its pristine beaches bringing all manner of spacefarers to this tropical tourist planet. I could barely find parking for my spaceship and had to sleep behind the damn dumpsters because it’s peak season and all the rooms are booked up.

But man, the view is totally worth it:

Pool Boy

Helloooooo, Mr. Beefcake! Er, wait, sorry. You were thinking more of a panoramic seascape kinda view? Well, I’ve got some of those too:

Flying High

There are lots of new activities to do and even more rewards to earn, but the one thing I want to focus on for this event is obtaining the Risian Corvette starship. That means doing the “Flying High” daily for at least 25 days before August 2nd, which rewards 40 Lohlunat pearls a pop for a total of 1000 by the end of the grind.

Normally, I abhor these kinds of daily farms for anything, but Risa’s so beautiful I almost don’t mind at all.


The quest requires the player to rent or buy a “floater” (from here on out referred to as a JET PACK! because it just sounds so much cooler) and go around the island flying in whatever wonky patterns the game wishes you to do. Hey, you’re the boss, STO. I’ll do whatever you ask, as long as you give me my damn starship.


Whoa. Seriously, though. Can you imagine if STO had launched with worlds like this?


You can literally watch the sun go down. That’s what I was doing in the screenshot above, taking five precious minutes out of my Horga’hn Hunt to enjoy sunset and see the last rays of light disappear below the horizon.

Pretty unfortunate place to park a cruise ship right in the middle of the view though, I have to say.


And at night, the twin moons rising. Okay, when I’m done this silly little treasure hunt, I seriously gotta get my First Officer down here for some nookie.