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TSW Monday: Locking Down The Facility

August 6, 2013

last boss

If at first you don’t succeed…give up whatever the hell you’re doing and just go do something easier! A good tenet to live by, right up there behind “Let’s wipe it!” if you’re one of the Knights of Mercy working at picking off Elite dungeons in The Secret World. It is thus I found myself in the Transylvanian dungeon called The Facility this week, after our demoralizing attempt at The Slaughterhouse last Monday.

One thing I found interesting in this place is the number of atypical encounters — for example, “boss fights” with no real boss per se, or fights that don’t really require an actual tank. As far as TSW goes, this dungeon probably features more diversity in mechanics that any of the other ones I’ve seen so far.


I feel a little bit like Goldilocks when I say I felt The Facility was “just right” for our purposes; at where our group was last night in terms of gear and experience, it wasn’t too difficult but it certainly wasn’t a cake walk either. The first two bosses went down quickly enough to give us the confidence we needed, and really, there was only one fight in there that I would label a pain in the ass. More practice, and we could probably get this one on farm.


Down the rabbit hole…

Of course, it also helped that one of our guildies had experience with the instance, saving us the time and tears which would normally be spent experimenting with and learning the fights. But perhaps the most impressive part of the evening was the one-man showdown by PaganRites on the final boss encounter, which technically led us to pull off that one-shot even with the rest of us smooshed by the end and watching the action over the “Dead Cam”.

Well, crap. Does this mean that none of us can ever make fun of Pagan for anything again?


PaganRites soloing the boss…like a boss.

So, another instance down, just two more to go. One of these days I’ll get back to you, Slaughterhouse…