SWTOR: The Imperial Meatbag Corps

August 9, 2013

Look! There’s enough for all of us!

It’s just like the old days! About a dozen people showed up last night for Mercy Gaming’s weekly Star Wars: The Old Republic night, which was a really good turnout.

So naturally, on the agenda last night was something we figured everyone can do together — working towards getting our HK-51 companions. Not many of us have done that quest chain, and it’s definitely one that’s considered “the more the merrier”. The unfortunate catch, however, was that we found out you had to be level 50 just to pick up the starting quest. Ugh.


“Friendly exasperation: Oh, Maric, have you gotten us lost again?”

By the end of the night, we managed to complete the opening quests and collect all but two pieces of the HK parts for the scavenger hunt, leaving the final two pieces in the instances to do next week. HK-51, you will soon be mine! I can’t wait for you to call me “meatbag”.

I also have to say, this was like the perfect guild activity and experiencing it was like pure nostalgia. Traditionally, our guild has always liked to organize events to do as large groups in SWTOR. Around launch time, the activities we did ranged from world boss tours and datacron hunts to PvP Friday Night Fights. There just always seems to be something big groups can do as a guild event, things that don’t necessarily involve endgame. I suppose SWTOR has always been kind of special to me in that sense.


The mad dash to converge on the shiny yellow beam.


  1. Hey look, I’m in a screenshot! I had lots of fun last night, looking forward to finishing up and getting myself a nice HK companion.

    • Me too! And I really do wish he could kill all my other companions 😛

  2. Hey that’s pretty cool. Sounds like a good guild and sounds like you had fun.

    • Yeah, when we get enough people we can usually put together some good activities 🙂

  3. Hehe, HK is epic! Good to hear you had so much fun.

  4. […] week, you may have heard the Imperial Mercenary Corps gathered for a group event to start the HK quest chain in Star Wars: The Old Republic, kicking off the great scavenger hunt […]

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