TSW: The Slaughterhouse Hates Us (And Science)

August 27, 2013

Well, The Slaughterhouse can hate us all it wants, but last night The Secret World Monday crew finally cleared it. The scientists in there though, weren’t so lucky.


Though, if they were dumb enough to consort with this guy, they probably deserved it.

The mindless extermination of scientists aside, it’s actually not a bad instance, even though it’s given us a terrible time of it in the past. The problem really only lies with the second boss, who is the very definition of a pain in the ass. After he goes down, it’s actually pretty much smooth sailing from there.

Second boss

NKL-107 fight gives a whole new meaning to “sucks” and “tricky”.

Besides obtaining the achievement, there really isn’t as much fanfare as one would expect. After all, this only earns us the privilege of unlocking yet another tough fight, the dreaded Gatekeeper encounter, whose defeat will eventually lead you to Nightmare modes.

last boss

Uh…I’ll burn that bridge when I get to it.

So this finally concludes my elite tour through TSW, with all the game’s dungeons under my belt. My gratitude to the teammates who ran The Slaughterhouse with me last night: (from left) Chucho, Thermic, Piddy-Cent, and PaganRite:


As the group’s tank, I had the disastrous task of chasing down half-naked men all night.

Apparently, my guildmates are fervent disciples of the “No shirt, no shoes, no problem” philosophy. Seriously, and they have the gall to accuse MY outfits of being too meager? Please.

And with that, I leave you all with my regular feature, “What I wore for TSW Monday”:

leopard dress

Given last night’s company, I was the very PICTURE of modesty.


  1. Hey! My sword looks like that too! Darkness War FTW! Too bad I generally only take screenies when I’m in RDPS mode for dungeons so I’m not wearing my sword in them. Oh wait, I found one…. uploading and. . . .

    GL with the Gatekeeper. I ended up doing the tanking challenge for him since I tanked 5/8 of the elite dungeons myself when running through them. FWIW, I think a “heal tank” build works best against him if you go that route.

    Oddly enough, though — I’ve only tanked regular dungeons (and quite rarely at that) since then and have always been RDPS in my nightmare runs… except that one time I healed HE, but my heal gear isn’t that good, so wow was that a stressful run. . . .

    I need to play more TSW. I miss it.

    • Yep, I picked up that sword in Darkness War 😀 One of the cooler looking swords in the game, imo!

      And nice pic! I wish I could take more screenies of my sword in action, but too bad I’m too panicky when I’m tanking. Thanks for the well wishes on Gatekeeper, I think I might wait a bit til I tackle him. Don’t really know if I want to do him as a tank, as I’ve been told so many tanks just went with a DPS build with him because the tank version is so horrid. Makes me scared to hear that!

      • Eh, once you have the ability to heal yourself a decent amount and have 2 impairs to interrupt the 2 1-shot kills he does it’s not bad at all. I actually did it in a more “traditional” tank build to start, but used Turn the Tables and potions for my healing and tweaked it until I finally managed to survive the damage, and even then it was a near thing. Had I just gone straight to a heal-tank build from the start I don’t think it would have been bad at all.

      • Thanks for the tips! I’ll look up a good heal tank build to see how it goes.

      • FWIW, this build looks cheap for the heal portions and should still easily generate enough hate to keep the GK locked on you. Just keep him pointing at you and not at your “dps buddy,” dodge his column attack, impair the 2 insta-kills, mostly use the Chaos abilities (since they generate bonus hate) but toss in the heals when needed, keep potions in reserve….. should go well for you.

  2. Congrats! I love your outfit. And I’m not complaining about the guys either. 🙂

    • Someone on twitter commented on how they’d love to meet the real life model for those avatars. I would have to agree.

  3. Awesome! Looks like loads of fun.

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