TSW: Nightmare Mode Unlocked

September 3, 2013


The Secret World Monday didn’t officially happen this week due to the Labor Day holiday, but I went online for a bit anyway after hearing that Pid got his Gatekeeper achievement unlocked, and I was thus inspired to try and do the same.

I was sooooo scared for it. You wouldn’t believe how much I’d hyped this fight up in my mind.

As it turned out, though, it wasn’t nowhere near as bad as I thought; from the first time I engaged him, ten minutes later I had him defeated. But that’s not to say it was easy! There were a ton of deaths in that short period of time while I repeatedly threw myself at him, tweaking my deck after each failed attempt. Thanks to pkudude99 and his comments last week as well as unfair.co’s guide, I had a good idea what I needed to increase my chances of success: a “healing tank” build, and at least two impair abilities.

nightmare mode unlocked

I love how he’s clapping for me.

There were actually several times I died due to my own dumb mistakes, such as panicking and hitting the wrong button instead of the impair ability when he does his laser thing, resulting in being one-shotted. But after I got the interrupts down, the gatekeeper was a cinch. Of course, when the adds came out I just about cried, because AHHHH WHAT ELSE DOES THIS GAME WANT FROM ME?! It was a close one, as you can see above, because they nearly got me. Here’s a tip: take a health potion with you, because I stupidly didn’t, and having one would have spared me from almost having a heart attack.

This girl is now ready for Nightmare Mode dungeons!


  1. This game does look cool! I’m just not quite ready to dish out $30 for it yet.

    For interrupts, no matter what MMO I play, I always bind my interrupt to my E key. So I pick a spot on my bar that will be bound to E, then I put my interrupt in that spot.

    • $30, for TSW, is a steal, FYI. And this is coming from one of the most frugal of frugal gamers. You can wait for an Amazon sale (more often than Steam), but even if you pay $30, I doubt you’ll consider it a bad deal.

      • Oh right, I forgot Amazon!

  2. Wait till it goes on sale for $15. So worth it.

  3. @OneCrazyPaladin – what Sevenwinds said! These days you can generally find this game at a relatively low price, especially on Steam whenever they have their sales. After getting it, it’s free to play and it is totally worth it!

  4. So is TSW like a “story RPG” like Deus Ex, but it also happens to be an MMO. So you play an RPG story with your friends? You don’t “level up” do you? You just get more skill points, right? It’s not open-world like WoW is it?

    • It IS open world like WoW is, but doesn’t have as many zones. It is heavily a story RPG, though, and so you will have some solo story instances, but it won’t really gate you from playing with friends.

      You DO level up, but it’s gear-based. Your gear goes from Quality level 1 through 10. You also get more skill points, but “leveling up” as skills go is just giving yourself a bigger toolbox to solve boss encounters.

    • Ocho’s pretty much got it all covered. It’s definitely heavy on the RPG story, with a main storyline you have to play through, but the majority of the missions are those you find in the world and those you can do with friends.

      The gear-based system is actually really nice, because if ever you want to go back to do instances with friends who are just starting out and don’t want to just faceroll the whole dungeon, you always have the choice of going back to equipping lower QL gear to be at their level. You’re right about continuously gaining skill points, so the more you play the more choices in abilities you’ll have at your disposal, but you’re limited to how many you can have on your action bar anyway. Part of the fun is building your “deck” for any given situation šŸ™‚

  5. Congratulations!

  6. Also, congrats on beating Oscar! šŸ™‚ I’ve been really bad about playing on Mondays with you guys (real life, of course), so I’ve very far behind when it comes to my dungeon-running. Hopefully I’ll be more consistent, playing-wise when the weather stops being so nice.

    • No worries! If you ever need help with anything or want to run a dungeon though, let me know!

  7. Congrats! Nice to see that the game has some big challenges in it.

    • LOL yeah, no game has challenged me quite like TSW.

  8. Congratulations! I remember the DPS version of this fight took me weeks on my first character. Came along on my second and finished it in less than 10 minutes.

    The weird part is feeling so damn good after beating it that I kinda wanted to do it again.

    • I know, it’s unfortunate that you can’t go back and fight him again. It’s a good thing I was warned to take all my screenshots that I wanted while I could!

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