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Battle Bards 11: The Episode of Odd Balls

September 10, 2013

Battle Bards

A new episode of Battle Bards is live and ready for your listening pleasure!

This week’s show is a little…odd. Tune in and join me, Syp and Syl as we talk about the MMO tunes that sound strange, quirky, or just don’t seem to fit into any particular theme. But together, they sure make a great episode! Check out our tracklist!

Party Jawa


Episode 11 Show Notes:

  • Introduction (including unknown track from Meridian 59)
  • Spiral Knights: “Lucky Knight”
  • FFXI: “Dash de Chocobo”
  • Defiance: “The Battle of San Francisco”
  • WoW: “Operation Gnomeregan”
  • GW2: “Sunny Glade”
  • SWTOR: “Yesterday’s Jawa”
  • Glitch: “Rainbow Run”
  • Mailbag: Belghast and Ian (here’s the link to his YouTube channel)
  • Outro (Champions Online’s 3rd anniversary song)