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TSW: The Hunt For Goldzilla

September 11, 2013

Goldzilla does not play nice with others.

So a bunch of my friends and I were playing The Secret World earlier this week, and one of them said, “I’m so glad I don’t have a MMO companion pet obsession.” The part about how “or else I’ll end up as nutters as MMOGC” was unspoken but implied. DAMMIT. IF I COULD CONTROL THIS ADDICTION, I WOULD!

With the Gilded Rage event in full swing, the agenda on TSW Monday was given to hunting the gigantic golden golem (affectionately dubbed “Goldzilla” or “Blingzilla” by players) that has been making rounds in the different zones in game. He drops a few accessories like a pair of gold skull headphones, fiery eyes and a bowtie choker — all wonderful things to have in your wardrobe, but true to form, all I could give a crap about was the pet.

shem of the solar metal assemblyBut of course, Funcom never makes it easy. The Shem of the Solar Metal has to be assembled, and only after you’ve collected all six pieces of him. I didn’t even stress too much about the accessories, because I know I’ll get them all long before I manage to get the pet pieces, just like the last time I went crazy pet-hunting during the One-Year-Anniversary event.

To Funcom’s credit though, they made it a whole lot easier for people like me this time. With no cooldowns on Goldzilla kills, hunting him was just a matter of following callouts in the event chat channel, where once again players were coming together to help others locate and bring down the gilded golem.

During prime time when tons of people were on, getting all my shem pet pieces was actually not as painful as I thought. I also got lucky; I didn’t get all six until I’ve killed about a dozen Goldzillas, but I’m aware it could have been much, much worse.

He is so worth it though, my own Lil’ Goldzilla whom I shall nickname Nugget. And thanks to the achievement, I also got a gold top hat out of it!

High Five

High five, Nugget!