TSW: Of Filth And Lairs

September 24, 2013


Interesting things are happening in The Secret World these days, and while I’ve been trying hard to be patient, another part of me can’t help but rejoice at the recent developments and shout, WELL IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!

We’re finally on the road to what I feel is the biggest event of TSW since its launch — the war with the Filth which will ultimately lead to the introduction of Tokyo, the first new zone to come to the game. The Whispering Tide event has started, and last week we got to see an Agartha portal explode with black, tentacle-ly filth along with a side quest that involved…crafting. Yeah, not too interesting so far, but ’tis only the first step of a long term collaborative event, so I’ll forgive them for starting small in order to build up.

filth portal

More developments occurred yesterday, however, as said portal was unexpectedly opened, along with a new side quest. So naturally, the TSW Monday gang went to scope it out.

We got to fight waves of filthmen, icky giant bosses, and creepy tripod thingies, oh my! But alas, the ominous filth dragon flapping overhead yet eludes us, and I’m guessing his involvement won’t come until much later, which isn’t surprising.


With that out of the way, eight courageous Knights of Mercy gathered for some Lair action. For some reason, we’d never thought to tackle those until recently; my first attempt at a Lair a long, long time ago ended in death and disaster, but that was before we even started Elites, so I had planned on going back at a much later date. Then we set our sights on completing Elites, and Lairs just sort of dropped out of my mind and off my radar screen.


But now I see they’re actually a great way to get some good AP/SP and gear, not to mention our guildies complete do the Lair quests in a much bigger group. So that’s what we did. The adventure started at the Lair out by the airport in Kingsmouth. It went well, all things considered, what with the horrible mob mechanics and the fast respawn rates. With AP/SP accelerator consumables though, the experience was just pouring in, and recently I was able to complete yet another deck, plus I’m already well into another.

More importantly? I think fun was had by all. My verdict: yep, Lairs are definitely worth it.


  1. This games sounds…well…’Mysterious!’

    I don’t know what lairs are but they sound like something I would die trying to explore myself!

    Portals/Tentacles exploding, out of reach dragons, elites?

    How cool is that!

    I even like the top pic with a crowd of players just coming to ‘gawk’ at something new in game!

    • Heh heh, there’s always something to gawk at in The Secret World. It’s a great game 🙂

    • Totally agree with Tsuhelm there, I keep seeing awesome TSW shots and thinking “wth is going on there?!”. It’s looking great, though!

      • Creepy and kooky,
        Mysterious and spooky,
        All together ooky,
        The Secret World’y

        (Addams family adapted!)

      • Nice, glad you like the pics, Ravenel. I’m actually holding back on a ton of good ones already, for the fear of revealing spoilers 😉

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