TSW Monday: An Exercise In Hi-lair-ity

October 1, 2013
savage coast lair

You have failed me, rainbows and sparklies.

This week’s The Secret World Monday saw us running lairs again (and we will be for the foreseeable future as long as the drops are good, the AP/SP keeps pouring in, and our resident godslayer is still working on beating the Gatekeeper).

Anyway, I just don’t get it. Apparently, lairs aren’t supposed to be very hard. From what everyone’s saying, if your group can do Elites, they shouldn’t pose much of a problem. But while I can see that being the case for the first couple quests you pick up, the difficulty level of the third and final quest always seems to increase noticeably once you unlock it.

In the case of the Savage Coast lair, we blew through the “kill and collect” quests with very little issue, and even managed some of the fights in a partial group. But then we came to the mission The Cover-Up and everything changed — our egos crushed, confidence destroyed, all joy in the world extinguished, boo hoo hoo.

I know, I know, despite the post title, I’m aware this experience isn’t sounding very pleasant. But that’s the thing about having a swell group of people to play with; a great time was had by all, and as usual there were lots of laughs around even as we were being served our asses on a silver platter and all we could do was ask for more.

Ugh, I just can’t help but think we’re missing something obvious (and it’s not the dynamite use…thankfully, we had that “duh” moment quite early on) but even with six people, we weren’t making much headway. It doesn’t help that there’s absolute squat out there in terms of information on TSW lairs, which is another glaring sign sending alarms off in my head indicating something that could be right in front of my nose but I’m just not be seeing.

We even pulled out the big guns, which is um…changing outfits. You know it’s a tough fight when even my sparkly unicorn polarizer get-up does nothing.


  1. Some of the best fun I’ve had in MMOs has been during deaths/wipes. It’s hard to explain to people the great amusement that comes from watching your tank say “pulling in 5” and then he wordlessly falls in a pit halfway to the mob.

    • LOL!!! I hear ya, wiping can be plenty of fun with a good group of friends that aren’t taking it too seriously. I think we’ve said “oops, let’s wipe it” so much that it’s become a guild motto šŸ˜›

      • Once, while doing a nightmare run in Hell Raised, the Antimony Ministrix (very first boss) took two hits from our tank and then turned and nuked my face off. I died before getting on to anyone’s screen. I called it the Antu maneuver. Here’s the aftermath: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BPicaBlCIAMRDrc.jpg

      • That is AWESOME (and LOL, going full Orochi):D

  2. […] Like MMOGamerChick, I have this sinking feeling we’re missing something obvious, and like her, the lack of any useful information out on the intertubes about the Lairs and their mechanics makes me think it’s something other folks aren’t having problems with. But, the Knights of Mercy will soldier on. If it’s one thing that The Secret World is awesome at is challenging you in ways you might not expect. We’ll keep throwing bodies at this thing until we figure it out. […]

  3. Indeed the third mission of some lairs is quite tricky. I haven’t done all of them yet, but left my advise on the first two, of which you talk here. on the Ten Tackles blog, so my clues already are sent towards your team. Sorry, copying it over would be cheap and i am too lazy to write it again in another form. šŸ™‚

    Anyway, on the “easy for people in elite gear”, i wouldn’t agree on that. Lairs are designed to be a challenge for people in such equipment. Note that each and any mob in there has a “Nightmare” buff. The name of the buff by itself (just like the other visual effects you get when entering the lair) are an indication on how hard those areas are considered to be. So in some way, the lairs are the open world equivalent of the first nightmare dungeons. In the dungeons you mostly face single bosses with dangerous mechanics, in the lairs you mostly face “normal nightmare” mobs, but enough of them to be quite a danger. Even a full 10.4 tank, along with a 10.4 leech healer (and two similarily geared DDs) can’t just plow through the Kingsmouth lair. Pulling a few adds too much (which is something ranged DDs like to do a lot) can quickly get you wiped. Good cooperation and controled pulling goes a long way there.

    That being said, good setups in all QL10 blue should also be able to do those lairs. After all, single enemies in there are not that powerful (my character can solo enemies in the lairs by leech healing, but goes down quick when facing several) but due to their numbers become the huge threat. And as already indicated above, the third mission of some lairs require special tactics, of which some i commented at Ten Tackles.

    • Thanks! I will check out Ten’s blog, or he’ll probably relate your comments to me the next time we play. I appreciate you taking the time to walk us through these, they’ve been an exercise in experimentation and trial and error as you can see, since we’ve always been sort of a casual group working through TSW content at a gradual pace. Lairs are still sort of new to us, and yeah most of us are currently in QL10 blues but we have a few others who are still in a couple greens working through elites.

      I think you’re right that the last mission in these lairs always has a strategy, some “trick” to it that we seem to be missing. Definitely no one in our group is decked out in 10.4s, but even so it was tougher than I expected. I’ll see what Ten has to say next time! šŸ˜€

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