TSW Monday: The Whispering Tide

October 22, 2013

It never fails; you go on vacation and that is the one week where everything happens in your favorite MMOs. Unfortunately, that’s how I missed out the first part of the second phase of The Whispering Tide event in The Secret World, but I was glad to be back in game last night to catch the main content with the gang.

filth portal

Our plans were to check out the new five-man encounter, accessed by going through the latest filth portal that has opened up. There’s a normal version and a Nightmare version, the latter only accessible to players who have defeated the Gatekeeper. On Secret Monday, I was able to complete both, and the encounters were much easier than I expected. Flappy the Dragon’s filthy poo bombs were perhaps the worst thing we had to contend with.

Come to think of it, I probably went through more stress trying to get that one lore item on the ledge (until I found out about the “spam ‘U'” method). It’s amazing how much grief one tiny square of damn honeycomb can cause, isn’t it?

filth wolf

Things for the Whispering Tide event may be moving along slowly, but the good news is…they are moving. I don’t know how much longer they will be able to drag this on, but if the Halloween patch is going to be dropping soon (and I have a feeling it will be sometime this week…we don’t have that many days left in October, after all), we’re probably looking at quite a while.

But speaking of TSW and Halloween, I can’t wait! The Cat God event they had in their first year was one of my best experiences in this game, and I’m really looking forward to doing that again and more.


  1. I’ve been in groups that have 4-manned the NM version when a dps joined the group but then DC’d or something. As you say — only hard part is dodging Flappy’s Filth Bombs. Kinda fun for a couple of times, but I’m already over it. I’ve been having more fun helping a friend get his elites knocked out so he can do NM’s. I’m hoping he beats Oscar soon so we can actually do that soon. Much more interesting dungeons than the Filth one.

    • I can see it becoming really tedious after farming it for a while, so I don’t blame you there. Like you we’re also helping a friend get Elites knocked out, trying to get more people keyed for Nightmares, so that’s why we also did Elite Darkness War last night. I’m loving the Whispering Tide event so far, but wish there was less grinding involved.

      • Aye, there’s the rub — how do you do a “slow burn” event without lots of grinding? At least the Cat God will be a welcome distraction! I sure hope it comes out this week. It was a lot of fun last year.

      • Yes!!! I am itching for that to come out. I’m hoping today, or this Friday.

  2. Feels weird to run the NM as a tank and not have to worry about impairs, or really… anything.

    I’m kind of glad it’s easy, because I’m going to be running it a lot. Can’t help it, I want that cosmetic crap! But I wish they would have tried to integrate it into already existing dungeons somehow, like bosses drop slivers/fragments, or something you can trade for them. Those dungeons are way more fun.

    • I absolutely agree. I definitely think they should have added more ways earn those tokens, making them possible dungeon boss drops or something; that would have really helped with the grind, and it would also encourage people into the instances. I really want the pet from the event, but at this rate, I doubt I’d be able to earn enough for him. I’m not the type who can force myself to farm, or maybe ultimately I just don’t want it badly enough.

      And yeah, it was a great “NM” encounter, I was running it with much less health and my regular deck without all the impairs. It was just pure fun 🙂

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