The Secret World Monday: Mixed Bag

November 5, 2013


I’ll be honest; with the flurry of running around in The Secret World, scouring Solomon Islands for stories, Cat God farming, Super Jack hunting, and just in general trying to pick up the last of the new clothing drops I still need from the Halloween update, I’ve completely forgotten that The Whispering Tide was still going on, and that people still need to run the filth portals to unlock the next stage in the event.

Thus, Secret Monday last night didn’t really have a theme. It was a night of ticking off things on our to-do lists. First, getting in some Nightmare runs of Cat God, because some people still need weapon upgrades and his QL 10.1 drops are too good to pass up. Not to mention there’s always a chance at the Amethyst Mouser, which I don’t know if I’m lucky or not, but I’ve seen drop more than half a dozen times. Of course, now that TenTentacles has finally gotten his purple kitty, it won’t be as fun to taunt him with it anymore.

Next up was running Elite Ankh for guildies who still need to finish the achievement in order to hit up the Gatekeeper. It’s definitely good to get as many people as possible Nightmare-mode ready, even though I wept at the prospect of heading into that dungeon. I’ve made it no secret that it’s not my favorite, though I have to admit after having gone through the hell that is The Slaughterhouse and The Facility, it’s hard to hate the Ankh all that much anymore.

In any case, last night’s run was the best and least painless one I’ve ever experienced. Oh all right, I’ll admit it, it was a blast! A lot of that credit goes to Rowanblaze, who was on healing duty and did an amazing job taking care of me.

And finally, into the filth portal five brave adventurers went…which was not me, because I sat out to get some extra words in for my NaNoWriMo. From the wails of pain I heard from Teamspeak though, it seems the dev’s increasing of the difficulty on NM mode can most definitely be felt. And for all that pain and suffering, you get to earn yourself ONE WHOLE EXTRA event token! Thanks, Funcom, as ever we grovel at your feet in thanks for your benevolence and boons!

All snark aside, we were all over the place last night…but ended up getting a lot done.


  1. Thank you for the high praise. I love healing, though I haven’t done it much in TSW until recently.

    • What Healing build do you use?

      • The awesome one of course. 😛

        Honestly, though, I’d have to look to see all the abilities, but it’s mostly the Exorcist Deck, Blood/Fist. I didn’t think to load the whole thing yesterday after finishing it Sunday. I need to get some points devoted to the Quantum Brace. I’d been leaning toward a tank build, but then Chucho and Mogsy seem to have that covered.

    • It was great! Could always use more heals and tanks.

  2. Ya know…. I don’t really mind the Slaughterhouse — it’s the Facility that’s my nemesis. Though yeah… don’t much care for Ankh, either, but I’ve only been in there 3 or 4 times, so I think it’s more unfamiliarity than anything.

    • Slaughterhouse is the worst for me. Facility’s tough, but I actually think it’s one of the most fun of all the dungeons. A lot of interesting, unconventional fights in there, love the different mechanics.

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