Battle Bards Episde 15: Tearjerkers

November 12, 2013

Battle Bards

A new episode of Battle Bards is up!

Boo hoo hoo! I don’t know about my co-hosts, but personally, coming up with tunes for this week’s show so hard it made me shed some tears myself. Because, you know, I’m not really the crying type. Right. Ahem. *shifty eyes*

Anyhoo, please join me, Syp and Syl for our latest show, the theme of which is “Tearjerkers”. Find out which MMO tunes make us sad (or doesn’t, for that matter) and chime in with your thoughts!



Episode 15 show notes

  • Introduction (including “Tasca’s Demise” from Guild Wars and “Rule City” from Ultima X Odyssey)
  • “Intro Cinematic” from Blade & Soul
  • “Forgotten Sorrow (in-game piano version)” from Aion
  • “Sorrowful Lamentations of a Rusty Heart” from Rusty Hearts
  • “Ul’dah Town Theme at Night” from Final Fantasy XIV
  • “The Sea of Sorrows” from Guild Wars 2
  • “Shadow Kingdom” from Asheron’s Call 2
  • “Arthas, My Son” from World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
  • Outro (“Forgotten Sorrow” from Aion)


  1. The only song I recognize from the list is Arthas, My Son — and it was mostly sad because of Terenas’ ironic monologue. Something about the way Arthas fulfilled every wish his father had for his son, while at the same time became everything antithetical to what his father stood for was poignant. The part where he mentions “stirring the hearts of your people,” followed by legions of undead fiends roaring in cacophonous fervour was powerful. It still stays with me.

    • Also, the only time I’ve ever teared up in a video game was when Aerith dies in Final Fantasy VII. It was sudden, brutal and Nobuo Uematsu composed one of the saddest themes ever for it. I had never seen a game’s developers have the balls to endear a character to the player so much, only to make you watch her die right in front of you.

    • Hmm, for me, I remember tearing up at the new ending for Mass Effect 3 when Garrus stood over my Shepard’s name on the memorial…he was the one I romanced and so it was a very touching scene. Then there was the end of Dragon Age: Origins but that was pretty much an overwhelmed response than anything — I wasn’t so much sad but freaking out what an awesome game I just played and was moved to tears. Third one I can remember…I think it was a Gears of War game, lol. It was a situation similar to yours, endearing a major character to you and then just having him die in a spectacular but very sad death. šŸ˜›

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