TSW Monday: 3 Scenarios, 2 Teams, 1 Great Night

November 12, 2013


Activities for our Monday night sessions of The Secret World have varied for the past several weeks, but last night everyone had the same plan: to tackle the new scenarios added with the release of Issue 8: The Venetian Agenda.

We had enough people show up for two groups, made up of folks who ranged from being very familiar with the scenarios to those who were just doing them for the first time. I’ve been puttering around the game the last few days myself, though I’m still in the process of tweaking my deck to find the most ideal build.

For once, being a tank appears to be working to my advantage (because we meat shields never seem to get a break otherwise)! But so far, a modified version of my current build seems to be doing the trick, with a couple impairs thrown in and replacing a few abilities with better AoE. The self-heals I’ve always relied upon have been a godsend, and being able to keep my aggro building abilities to pull mobs to me quickly has been very useful in keeping my enemies from pounding my survivors to a pulp.

So last night, the ten of us split up into two groups with a good balance of experienced mixed with first-timers, and each group ran all three scenarios on “normal duo” mode to get the hang of things. I’m not new to the scenarios, but I’m definitely not experienced either, with much tweaking of my build in between runs. I also can’t imagine what a bigger pain in the ass these scenarios would be if I were doing these without communication; being able to received constant reports and call-outs from my group members over Teamspeak made all the difference.

Anyway, that was pretty much my third night doing Scenarios, and only my first or second time for completing some of them. It’s amazing how much variation I’m seeing already, even now. I for one did not know that some of the survivors could turn traitor and kill their own! That was pretty damn evil when it happened — but at least the simulation compensated for replacing the lost. Still learning interesting things along the way every day!


  1. I’d planned to run scenarios last night, but I didn’t quite make it. Still had a lot of fun though 😉

    I’ve been enjoying reading the writeups about it so far today and looking forward to the others getting theirs posted too.

    • Haha, that’s okay, you went for 24’s and BBs are so much better 😀

  2. […] level and been shown the error of our hubris, so we opted, once again, to tackle Duos all around. Mogsy has a great writeup of Sweet Hats’ Scenario activities, and Rowan also has nice writeup on Shit, I Need Help’s romp in the Holodeck. Thus, I […]

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