TSW Monday: Elite Night

November 26, 2013


You guys, I think I’m over my fear of The Ankh! Now I can focus my energies on working on getting over my fears of The Slaughterhouse! Yeaaaah.

The theme for The Secret World Monday this week was clearly “Elite Night”. Our group knocked out two more dungeons for the folks who needed them, first rampaging through Darkness War for Rowanblaze and then hopping into The Ankh (in which Doctor Klein still gave us the most trouble, as pesky mad scientists are wont to do) for Ocho before finishing off the night with Scenarios on Duo Elite difficulty to farm the cookie tokens. I’m filling out my tank deck meanwhile also trying to build a decent DPS deck so anything I can get helps.

As always, the AP keeps pouring in while we’re doing these scenarios, but while everyone seems to be putting their points into augments already, I’m somehow still fixated on completing my Templar decks. Seriously, what’s wrong with me? It’s my obsessive compulsiveness coming through again perhaps, but it’s like I can’t rest until I get them all.

There was also some discussion on the “stunningly ridiculous” grind that came with last patch, but it was agreed that Funcom probably made it this way so that they won’t have to worry about players complaining about having nothing to do with their AP/SP again for a good long while. Which probably means I won’t have to concern myself too much with not getting into the augmentation system yet, as it looks like it’s going to be quite the time sink for everyone across the board.


  1. You know, you actually have to run Slaughterhouse to get over your fear of it. 😛

    Just teasing. 😀 I actually kind I like tanking it. So I don’t mind sparing you the pain. 🙂

    • I know, I will have to go back in there one of these days 😛

  2. I think I’ve only run Slaughterhouse once: on LSB. I wouldn’t worry too much about getting a tone of augments, I am personally focusing on Decks for Dort and Panoptic Core on LSB (picking up decks along the way). I thought I wasn’t going to make a post today, but you and Tenten have given me blog fodder.

    • LOL, happy to be of service 😀 Anyway, yeah I would love to go for the Panoptic Core as well. I’ll probably keep plugging away at that, and put some AP into augments only if I really feel the need. One more Templar deck to complete now, and then I’m going for the full wheel!

  3. On you still investing into skills while others pour their AP into the augments: you are actually doing the right thing. When you start doing NM tours (and higher difficulty scenarios) you’ll find yourself suddenly including abilities and passives which you in normal gameplay never gave a second look.

    A complete (or at least mostly complete) wheel gives you the much needed flexibility. Augments on the other hand are first of all a huge AP sink. The advantage they give is nice, but considering the effort to gain the AP and items to get the augments, the benefits they give are quite low. In the long run they might add up, but as long as you don’t have most of the wheel and also all essential aux weapon abilities, you are well advised to just collect the resonators and stuff from the scenarios and hold on to them till you are done the normal skill wheel.

    Their biggest advantage actually is to keep the “everything maxed” crowd busy by giving them a way to invest a lot of grind-time for rather limited power gain.

    • Preach on, Brother Sylow! (um, you are a brother and not a sister, right?)

      • Last time i checked, it still was brother, yes. 😀

        And, how do you know that the title i probably use the most in game (next to Romero) is Preacher? 😀

      • haha 🙂 My first Templar Deck was Preacher. My main in WOW was a Priest.

    • Yay glad to know I’m actually on the right track!

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