TSW: Nightmare Progression

January 28, 2014

Speedos…this is why the bosses kill us.

Our Secret World Monday group has reached a milestone, with all of us having gotten attuned for Nightmare dungeons…which means that now everyone can experience the pleasure of getting their clocks cleaned again and again by the sea monsters in Polaris.

After a couple weeks break, I wish I could report that we finally cleared the dungeon, but the place is still getting the better of us. The truth is, there’s definitely no shortcut to success, and I can kind of see now how casual players will have trouble getting far in this game. Especially when so much of it is about practice, practice, practice.

Case in point, I can’t tell you how many times the Varangian has wiped the floor with us, but all those times we failed have been learning experiences. I think I know all his tricks now, and sure enough this time when we went in, we got him down in one shot. Going in with heavy DPS is also how we finally managed to take down the Primordial Dweller, but even that took a bunch of wipes to understand the best way to control the fight. This was actually the first time I’ve beaten him though, so there’s that personal victory at least.

dead in the water

Dead in the water…

The Ur-Draug though, was a beast. Literally. That guy hits like a Mack truck on Elite, and on NM he’s upgraded to freight train. We came close once to defeating him, but that was one time in a dozen tries. It tells me we’re definitely capable of bringing him down, but simply put, we just haven’t done the fight enough to know how to push his buttons.

Still, this is the farthest I’ve ever gotten in NM Polaris. At least I know now it’s just this one last pesky boss.


  1. Glad to hear you’re progressing and made it to POL6 instead of being stuck at POL5!

    FWIW, DW is actually a bit easier than Polaris when you’re in NM’s. Just be sure everyone has lots and lots of AE damage skills. DW5 is actually the hardest, and even then it’s not really him that’s hard, it’s his adds.

    Anyway, for the Ur-Draug, eventually you’ll have the dps to take him out without even getting to a blue phase, but that’s a long way off yet for your group. I’ve seen it happen exactly once in all my time playing. Of course, I tend to play with the noobmares, so…. there ya go 😉

    Biggest thing for him is that during blue, only the tank does anything to the little adds, the healer keeps the tank up, and the dps just avoids everything, especially being seen. The adds all despawn when blue ends, so there’s no need to fight them and risk losing awareness of where Ur-Draug is, and thus getting seen and killed.

    When he teleports to center and then sends out the bubbles to snare you then pops in an 1-shots everyone? Have pistol dps slot Win-Win, or Shotgun dps slot Cleanup — either will clear that snare and enable you to get out of the area and survive.

    Also, after blue, get away from the stone pillars. They saved your life during blue, sure, but he blows them up and hurts you with them afterward.

    To get to the eventual “avoiding blue with dps you need: 700K HP (almost) in 90 seconds before blue, so group dps needs to be about 7800 to do it. 2600 dps for 3 people is….. kinda rough. Even assuming a leech healer putting out 1000, and a tank putting out 500 that’s still 2100 for the 3 dps. I’ve got 3500 AR and a pure dps build that I use on him and I’ve got a 10.2 weapon and I can usually manage 2200 for the 1st phase, so… it’s doable, but takes a while.

    • Thanks for the tips! That is actually exactly the strategy we followed, down to the win-win and cleanup. We got very close to downing him one time, I think the ultimate problem is the randomness of that fight and whether he’ll come and knock down your pillar, etc. Of course, if we had more DPS that wouldn’t be an issue, and I wouldn’t have to worry about surviving his cleaves while his dots and debuffs chisel me down as I tank.

      Well, apparently most people don’t even go for the final bosses of an instance before hitting the last boss, waiting to do the other dungeons and gear up first, so now we know.

      And yes, always gotta keep in mind that the earlier TSW dungeons doesn’t necessarily mean easier 😀

  2. Here’s the thing with Nightmare progression: you shouldn’t expect to beat the final boss of an instance in order to move on to the next. They are designed so that you should be able to do the first 4-5 bosses of Polaris, HR and DW to farm some loot and then you’ll be able to go back and finish them.

    And even with gear, the final boss of HR will be really really hard.

    The NMs after those three are also on a completely different level.

    • Hmm, i just checked the link your name refers to. You’re just starting this blog, i guess? It somehow claims that there’s nothing to be found there.

      • I was thinking of starting one but it never got off the ground, the time commitment is beyond what I can manage. I just use the account for commenting…

    • Thanks for letting me know. I think we would have kept throwing ourselves at the last boss if I didn’t know most people didn’t, at least not until they do the other dungeons first and gear up some. It’s a strange way of progressing, but for this game it actually makes a lot of sense! 😀

      This does make me feel better about coming close on our first night getting a crack at him though!

      • Well even without doing the final boss of a dungeon, you still get 7 bullion, so if you can do 5 in POL, clear DW, and do 4-5 in HR, then that gets you about 23-25 bullion in a night. Definitely enough to build from. TBH, HE isn’t all that hard either until maybe 5th and 6th fights, so you could do that too, and HE awards more bullion to boot, so adding in 4 bosses from there gives another.. 9 I think, which would take your total for the night to 30 or even a little more. Just make sure everyone slots Sleight of Hand in HE 😉

  3. I’d second the recommendation to run DW NM right away! It’s the easiest one by a bit.

    The first hell dungeon isn’t too bad, but it’s a palpable step up in difficulty from Polaris and DW. The final hell dungeon’s NM is farmable once your team averaged 10.2 gear, but the rest are more or less tuned for fully geared teams.

    It’s fun to read about you following this path!

    • We did DW tonight! Thanks to everyone who made the suggestion! 😀

      • Congrats! 🙂

  4. I fully agree the other commenters: don’t lock yourself into Polaris in NM mode. Indeed as mentioned many people find the Darkness War much easier, although the last boss if a bit tricky for a new group.

    The most enjoyable way for the beginner NM group is to rather hit the first few bosses of Polaris, Darkness War and Hell Raised, to gather some purple gear and black bullions. Once your whole group is geared in purple, the last bosses might become beatable, too. And on the last boss, the one in DW is the one i’d bet you beat first.

    The last boss of DW requires the tank to be good in interrupting, and either the group has to be quick on their feet when concuss happens, or you can use one or another method of interrupting it. (There are several methods known to the playerbase, pick your preference. ) If that is covered, you only need one long range damage dealer to cut down the bombs and you are fine. In contrast to that, the Ur-Draugh has a damage check included. To have a reasonable chance of success, you have to bring it down to below 50% of health before the first blue phase happens. If you can’t do that, you’ll have two blue phases, and in each blue phase it destroys one or two of the rocks you hide behind, so you almost certainly get exposed and killed quickly in the second blue phase.

    This damage requirement quite reliably stops new NM groups in their tracks there and make good DDs essential. And since the Machine Tyrant (last boss of Hell Raised) enrages after a certain time, it is also a damage race which you’ll need gear to beat it. (Not to mention good coordination and at least 3 people with Cleanup to remove the damage over time effect. For a mediocrely geared group, loosing one DD there means wiping. )

    And on other NM dungeons being quite different beasts: yea! Hell Eternal still is kind of “regular”, all the others bring new kinds of challenges. My personal success: finished Facility NM for the first time this week, leaving Hell Fallen as the only NM i have not completed yet.

    • Yeah, a lot of these comments have helped in terms of letting me know what to expect. I would have totally just kept trying to hammer away at the last Polaris boss.

      Since many people have mentioned Darkness War as being easier, we’ll probably try that next!

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  6. Nice to hear the TSW gang is still making progress here and making gains in Nightmare mode. Wish you all much luck.

    I really miss TSW, it’s not as easy to try to log since I’ve wiped my PC several time since I last played and it’s a bit of a task to always reinstall a game, let alone several.

    Keep on keeping on, I’ll cheer for the old Monday Night gang. Maybe I’ll totally get bored one day and reinstall but I won’t quite bet on it.

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