ESO: Happy Launch Day

April 4, 2014


While those who preordered have been playing in headstart, today is the official launch day of Elder Scrolls Online for PC. If you’re already in the game, I hope you’ve been enjoying the experience as much as I have.

Despite some server down times which is to be expected, the game has nevertheless been always up during prime time evenings and nights which is when I usually game. I wouldn’t say launch has been perfect; there were a couple instances of major quests bugging out, but thus far ESO has been one of the smoothest launches I’ve personally experienced. Maybe it’s because it’s high time we’ve had another major MMO launch again, or the fact I refrained from going anywhere near beta in the weeks leading up to the release date, but starting out in ESO these past few days felt fresh, exciting, and even more fun than I anticipated.

I’ve rolled a Dragonknight, because for all the flexibility in the classes available in game, I always have a soft spot for the warrior archetype. Imperial race, Daggerfall faction. Perhaps not surprisingly, I’ve tentatively decided on a tanky-type route when it comes to leveling and allotting my points. At this time, House Stalwart the new guild I’ve joined is almost 90 members strong and it’s been kickin’ every night!


Things I’ve been enjoying so far: questing and exploring — now that the game is live, I’m taking my time to poke around in every nook and cranny, loot every crate or barrel, talk to every NPC. Barging into people’s houses and stealing all their crap has always been one of my favorite things to do in Elder Scrolls games (oh god, you should have seen the way I hoarded in Skyrim) and I won’t even go into how often I get distracted in my adventuring by a lone trunk or urn sitting by the side of the road that I just have to stop and check out. Even if all it holds is thin broth, pathetic drippings or a bunch of stupid grapes.

And another thing I love: CRAFTING! Who would have thought? ME! The person who has always thought crafting in games was a pain in the ass, who always leaves it until level cap because before that it’s just a hindrance to questing and progressing. I don’t know why, but there’s just something about the crafting in ESO that appeals to me. It’s so layered and complex, but not so challenging either that I couldn’t be bothered to gather materials and actually try my hand at all the professions.

I love that expression...

I love that expression…

So, those are my opening thoughts. If you’re playing, how have you been feeling about it so far? I hope to get more time into the game later this month; because of my lack of time and my dawdling, I haven’t gotten very far yet. Currently my Dragonknight is at level 8 but I’m hoping to share more of my experiences as I progress further into the game and see more of its world.


  1. I played just one day of early access – I may restart that character because I ran through Coldharbour and feel I rushed it too much to get to the main content. 😦 Bad, Rinzei, bad.

    Imperials DO look amazing. I may buy them later if the price isn’t too bad. I mix it up, I may roll a Orc and Nord, rather than Breton and Dunmer like I did in the beta – but first, BOSMER. ❤

    • I love the look of some of the Imperial Armor…one of the motivations for rolling that race 😀

      And yeah, now that I’m taking my time I find there are plenty of little things to find. Definitely take a chance to go back and poke in every nook and cranny!

      • I did end up restarting her and giving her darker hair – lots of Bosmer (especially NPCs) with the red/purple hair combo so far, so the darker purple-brown works better.

      • I’ll keep that in mind too if I ever decide to roll a Bosmer 🙂

  2. Well, considering that I normally blog maybe 2-3 times a month about what I play, the fact that I’ve been blogging *daily* about ESO, may tell you something. . . .


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  4. Lol that cooking expression: its how I look when I’m trying to recall if I just added raising agent or corn flour to my baking 🙂

    • LOL, or, “hmm, stale meal and drippings don’t actually taste half bad!”

  5. I’m still playing WoW, but I’m tempted to check this out. One month free trial, but 59.99 USD for the game itself. kinda steep.

    • In this age of so many F2P MMOs, a box price plus a subscription does seem steep. I don’t mind so much since I think the game is worth it, but how long I’ll play remains to be seen. Still lots of content to devour so far though!

  6. Not really playing anything much or regularly for MMO’s at the moment. Nothing sparks my igniters to feel like I want to get into something. So I’m on the sidelines.

    ESO is now the new flavor of the month MMO. So I’m glad your playing it. I’ll drop by here, read your ESO adventures and live my imagined adventures through your ESO adventure blogging. I guess if your not playing or watching someone else play the game, one can always read about someone else playing it.

    Adventure on….

    • I know others who are feeling this way and that’s totally cool 🙂

      I’m pretty much putting my full attention into ESO right now and I know I’ll be playing until I hit level cap at least.

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  8. The graphics in this game are unreal! I have to get it ASAP! I’ve been waiting to hear reviews from MMO fans before I tried it.

    Thanks for the review!

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